MKE Week 22a – Running behind.

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I was just in Seattle for 5 days visiting my niece. I did the bare minimum.

I can tell though how this program is changing me. I interact with everyone differently and I feel more calm. I’m still having the inner turmoil. I’m going through tough things.

And making the poor choices as a result. I’ve realized that I am a total control freak. I guess I didn’t realize it before, because I’ve been this way forever. It’s exhausting. I’m doing better, but I’m still getting in my own way because I still don’t quite TRUST the process.

It’s been 4 days since I’ve picked up any of the material. I find I can be more honest to myself and others, even the ugly side. Which is truly amazing. I’m human. I’m stubborn.

I’m hoping in Kauai Mark and Davene force me to do the work and not let me eat or drink water until it’s done. Hahaha. But that isn’t being self directed, is it? No sir. I honestly wish someone could wake me up every morning with a cup of tea and open my curtains and say, “Alrighty this is what we are doing today.” I don’t wanna think.

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  • Laura, I’ll wake you up each morning with a cup of tea. Where do you live again? LOL 🙂

  • Laura, I’ll wake you up each morning with a cup of tea. Where do you live again? LOL 🙂

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