MKE Week 22a – Lemons to Lemonade

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Once you become the observer, you see what is really important, if you truly listen. The question has been asked. Life has responded, as it always does. Now is the time to answer. Courage requires action and that is exactly what I have done.

I am ready for the challenge of what my business demands from me. I don’t have all the answers, but that’s ok as action and movement doesn’t require answers, but I do have to make movement and decisions. As I have been working for a company that challenges me day to day with physical labour, it is not my profession. I did land the job as the owner is a client. He needed someone to help him with my knowledge of business, sales and marketing.

What has happened as I have helped him plan his retirement, move to a new country and help maintain his business by doing the labour side of his business, the office manager has not kept her side of the plan. I have found that the financials of the company are not as good as I was led to believe, and the manager just gave notice to move to a competitor.

Normally, or should I say previously, I would have been angry and upset. I am not. I see this event an opportunity to return to my goals and keep the main thing the main thing. I am grateful for the opportunity to turn the lemons in my current situation into delicious lemonade. Time to stand and be accountable to me. Time to move to the main thing, and this decision is making me feel great, as this is what the universe has given me.

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  • Lemonade is delicious Michael and it is great that you see opportunity in all things now even when it starts off as a sour experience. The ability to flip this in your mind is phenomenal. Bravo to you!

  • The Universe has helped you to keep the main thing the main thing. You chose to make lemonade from the lemons. Thank you for sharing how you have shifted in perspectives. To share it is to inspire others. Give more, get more.

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