MKE Week 22A – All is Right with the World?

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Peaches posted this in our Marco Polo group, asking our thoughts.

“All is right with the world.
-Nature, society, government, industry
-Perfect in their present stage… advancing to completion
-Contemplate all facts of social, political, industrial life from this high point of view
Every human being is good and perfect
-For where he/she has evolved to
-Must see all family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances in this way
-My job isn’t to judge or fix what I think is wrong with others
-My job is to become the best version of myself”

Perfect is difficult to accept. I can accept that the world is advancing to completion. Perfect is a little too much for me to accept. There are wars, terrible people, and mental health issues on a great scale. Much of this can be attributed to the choices that people have made in their lives. It could be said that it is their fault. There are children in the world who are starving because they came into the world innocent with no real chance to change their conditions. Certainly, they cannot manifest a better life as a newborn. I can find no way to convince myself that this constitutes perfection. Maybe someday I will get there. Today is not the day.

I can accept that my job is to become the best version of myself and not to fix what I think is wrong with others.

Later in the lesson, there it this.
“You are not to throw yourself away in service to others. This is not being great ..and you do the other person injury.”

I guess throwing yourself away in service means sacrificing yourself completely to others. What if that is your best self? If you are of service feeding starving children and teaching the parents how to improve their lives to prevent future starvation, can that be causing them injury?

Is believing the world is perfect a reason to ignore suffering and injustices? I understand that I cannot solve world hunger. I do think that I can help in a small way. Is not trying to improve the lives of others being of service? I don’t care if it is starving children, the environment, animals, or butterflies. I think trying to improve the perfect world is worthwhile. In my heart, I believe that not enough people care enough to make great changes and maybe help the world to really be perfect.

Thank you, Peaches, for giving me something to write about this week. It is a bit rambling and not the most organized, but that’s how my thoughts were on the subject.

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  • What if all is perfect to teach us, crack open the cement, call to our higher selves, and connect us to the Divine?

  • John, your deep contemplation is a blessing. An enquiring mind, rather than an all accepting mind can be a great gift.
    “My job is to become the best version of myself” and you are doing that by your questioning and discussion.
    Great blog.

  • Yes, John, it really depends on your point of view. Just as long as you stay out of the glass half empty side of things. LOL 🙂

  • What a thought-provoking blog post, John! Thank you for sharing your perspective. It is a tough one. I just listened to the webinar discussion of law of least effort. Could you apply that here?

  • Thanks. Disagreeing is okay. There is a middle ground between thinking the world is going to hell in a handbasket and being perfect. If I feel the world is perfect, there is no need to improve things. Everything in the world is not perfect. I’m not perfect. If I were, why would I bother being in MKE? I need to grow. So I am in MKE to grow and improve myself. I can accept that the earth is perfect. The world I consider to include societies and governments. They are not all perfect. Maybe I’m wrong. It certainly is possible. I’m not perfect, or perhaps I am.

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