Week 22a: An Introduction to Wallace D. Wattles... 

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

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Reflections on Week 22a

This week is considered a break week as there is no live webcast. Here we are departing a bit from The Master Key System and studying the
genius of Wallace D. Wattles.

Wattles is most well-known for his famous ‘Science’ Trilogy of books. Here is an opportunity for MKE members to get a deeper understand of the materials from a different, yet just as powerful source. Most importantly, the truth finally came out that the flash-in-the-pan book and movie “The Secret” is actually derived
from the teaching of Wattles.

That’s right - so listen deeply to this irreplaceable wisdom. Please enjoy
“The Science of Being Rich”.

davene januszewski

MKE co-founder


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Brittany Benson

Shirley was so generous to show her copy of I Am by Tom Shadyac for those of us who couldn’t come to the first showing Peaches did. It was a great documentary and I would definitely watch it again in the

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Usually, we wouldn’t think of a question or a phrase as a tool, instead we would think of a sander, a hammer or maybe a knife. In the realm of mental creation and personal work, however there are many tools we

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Stefanie Hoffa

“Hello darkness (aka Subby) my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision (DMP) softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain (the sit) Still remains Within

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Heather Pasqualini

The day that turned my life around is when I realized that the Future YOU and the Current YOU are the same person! My mind is already there. I have become the mental giant that is in me. It is expressed

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Laura Greco

There has been a change in me. My attitude, how I show up for others and how I also show up for myself. I am now seeing results that I have released yesterday’s limiting beliefs that have held me hostage, and

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Terri Brewer

Last week, I talked about the anxiety I had just “thinking” about getting away for 48 hours from technology or connection with other people. I confessed my physical/emotional addiction to my external habitual comforts. Well, after two days of being by

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Mike Sambuco

Forgot to mention in my last blog that I watched the “I Am” documentary and “Finding Joe” over the weekend. Great use of entertainment time, with lots of interesting material and to ponder. Since we’d already seen a good portion of

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Allan Smith

So, going into the silence this week has led to reflecting. I’ve spent a long time trying out different things; jobs; partners; places to live; being employed; having a business; all sorts in an attempt to be “fulfilled” or at peace.

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Loriann Toplak

I have not completed the silence exercise … yet. When I mentioned the idea at the dinner table, I was shocked that the hubby wanted to do it with me! How cool is that?! So it’s definitely something that will be

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Leonard Diana

Enthusiasm is this week’s virtue. Enthusiasm is best described as Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. A source or cause of great excitement or interest. Ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god. Every time that I

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John Harris

Peaches posted this in our Marco Polo group, asking our thoughts. “All is right with the world. -Nature, society, government, industry -Perfect in their present stage… advancing to completion -Contemplate all facts of social, political, industrial life from this high point

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Andrew Timm

It was an interesting concept they had when they told us about the fear of the mysterious. I thought, what’s that? Didn’t have a clue what it really entailed, that mysteries stuff that is that comes into its existence when the

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Michael Selves

Once you become the observer, you see what is really important, if you truly listen. The question has been asked. Life has responded, as it always does. Now is the time to answer. Courage requires action and that is exactly what

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Ann-Charlotte Stewart

I organized my first event in a very long time yesterday. I invited a friend to talk about a crypto project that he is very excited about. I asked him probably a month ago and we created an event on FB

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Laura Lynne

I was just in Seattle for 5 days visiting my niece. I did the bare minimum. I can tell though how this program is changing me. I interact with everyone differently and I feel more calm. I’m still having the inner

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Teresa Rose

To say that I’m grateful for being prompted to go away for a Silence and Solitude retreat would be a profound understatement. When I first heard about it, I was truly giddy inside. This is something that I have wanted to

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Dan Horvath

I found myself observing an experience that happened to me this week that I honestly was amazed at my response. I’ve recently embarked on a new journey in my work and it is something that I was very excited to learn

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Aschel Gregory

For a long time I have been the girl who bends over backwards for people to like me. I have cared immensely what people thought of me, and let others determine my worth. Lately I have been taking time to celebrate

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Mary Andersen

When contemplating the gifts that silence brings, the above quote came to mind. So, I did a little research on gold and found something interesting. Throughout all of human history and pre-history, gold has been treasured and prized above all other

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Suzette Willems

Alas, I did not take the time to be silent for a period of time. I had hoped to dedicate time in my schedule to be silent, and due to other commitments, taking a section of time to do this was

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