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And to quote, Og’s Scroll VI, “And how will I master these emotions so that each day will be productive? For unless my mood is right the day will be a failure.”

I must master my emotions, as this past week showed that the lack mastery of my emotions will result in failure. Each day when I awoke in negative emotions, the day went a less desirable route.

“Today I will be master of my emotions. From this moment I am prepared to control whatever personality awakes in me each day. I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods, I will control my destiny.”

Take a few minutes to stop, breath and take the time to be in gratitude. Take the time to focus on all the positive and where you want to go. Being positive, mastering my moods, taking positive action which in turn, as Og says, control my destiny.

So grateful for the timing Og this scroll. What a beautiful reminder!

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  • Yes, I agree with what Jen said about how well you applied the knowledge of Scroll VI, great R2A2!

  • Since you are the last of the 17 who submitted their Week 22 on time, Suzette, you were the last of those remaining true to what they started. You know what they also say about being last??? “Last but not least,” and that certainly applies in your case!:-)

  • Cheering you on Suzette! Way to absorb, then apply the knowledge of Scroll VI and emotions. You got this!

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