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It’s beginning to dawn on me that the last couple of chapters of Og have had a profound impact on my behaviour.

“I am nature’s greatest miracle” has led me to appreciate that I have an unique contribution to make. The sentence I took through to the following month was “Vain attempts to imitate others I no longer make. Instead, I place my uniqueness on display in the marketplace.

So, I’ve stopped trying to copy other people’s ways of marketing. I’m not interested in automating my marketing to the point that it becomes completely impersonal. I only coach ten clients at any one time so I’m not mass market. I am unique.

“I live this day as if it is my last” has resulted in stopping all the distraction tasks that I used to spend time on and focused me on priority tasks so effectively that I seem to have acres of time to devote to them; the tasks that support my DMP.

As it seem to me the most important sentence in Scroll 5, I’ve taken “I live this day as if it is my last” into Scroll 6.

Love the process 😊.

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  • Hallelujah Allan! You made my day! The magic words to live by “I have an unique contribution to make” and you’re going out and making that contribution – being in service to your fellow man just by being you! wow

  • Yes, Allan! Quality over quantity seems like an excellent rule to follow, and like a good friend once told me, “My mama didn’t raise no fool!” 🙂

  • Being your unique self is the best way to market. A few quality clients will get you much farther than the masses!

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