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I am a happy and content person. I look at life as a glass half full instead a glass half empty. I wake up smiling and I love my life. However, I’m not naïve and I have my share of difficulties. To be real, those struggles can get me down and yet I have learned how to climb back up the mountain. I have a strong faith in God and I know my identity in Christ (most of the time). The Master Key Experience has only fortified my faith and enhanced my understanding of God and help with this process. I am most grateful for the experience.

I’m so grateful for the Webinar last week. The tools provided were genius! We are all going to experience negative emotions like fear, doubt, anger, lack of confidence, etc. If we say we are not, we are only fooling ourselves. The difference is what we do with those negative emotions. We have the power to transform them into something beautiful and constructive. We can shift the negative emotion into something positive and good.

I was recently ministering to a sweet young friend of mine. She is a married, mother of 3 very young children and has had the most difficult life of anyone I have ever known personally. She had recently had a major surgery with very severe complications. The hospital sent her home without addressing some of those complications and the surgeon wouldn’t talk to her after the surgery. She even had more bloodwork which confirmed some very serious issues and yet the doctor’s office has yet to address the problems.

This has caused me to deal with some anger towards the hospital staff and attending physicians. Now, I know there can be another side to the story but nevertheless, my frustrations were mounting. To help you understand, I’m a fixer and I have a strong impetus to fix and help others in their situations where I can. I’m not a relative, so I couldn’t call or visit the hospital or doctor. So, I took the tools given in the webinar and I prayed. I asked God what I could do that was a constructive way to deal with my anger and frustration. Immediately, the thought came to me that I could go get some supplements that could be very effective in helping her to overcome this problem.

I did just that. I spent time with her and prayed over her. I encouraged her to believe in her healing and to trust God. I felt His pleasure over me, and my anger was gone.

It seems so simple, but it’s simply profound to me.

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  • Great that you applied a tool (prayer) to assist with dealing with your righteous anger over the injustice, and getting some guidance to help with a solution, Teresa!

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