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Here we are 22 weeks into this Master Key Experience and I find myself perplexed? Life is definitely different, better, as I can say there is absolutely more joy, happiness, presence and awareness that truthfully didn’t exist when I began back in October. At the same time certain discoveries within myself have led to questions of things I had never thought about before. One thing in particular has been my belief and faith in God.

Now a bit of background on me. God has always been a part of my life and I can truthfully say that I don’t ever recall doubting of His existence. I have always had a strong faith in God and that continues to grow more and more every day, the more I learn in this life. Are there those who are taught about God yet may never believe, absolutely. Yes, my parents believe and raised myself and my siblings to believe, but it has really been my own experiences when God has revealed Himself to me that strengthens my faith. This is something I stress to my kids….“Don’t simply take my word that God exists, you have to experience it, feel it, for yourself to truly believe”.

So for me it isn’t a question of if God exists, it has more to do with “how” God exists. That can be a bit confusing but my questions relate to what I’ve been taught, how it relates and if it’s 100% factual. Perhaps something was lost in translation, or worse, intentionally manipulated? This can be a hard thing to consider or admit (that I’ve been lied to) about things I was taught growing up. This led me to start seeking for the Truth. What is Truth, how do we know, and what part am I to play while I’m here on this earth? These are questions I ponder the more I have focused on ‘my world within’.

These days, I find myself happiest when I sit in the silence, listening and waiting for God to reveal to me whatever it is He wants me to see. I just pray that I am aware enough to see it, hear it, or feel it. Often, there doesn’t seem to be any guidance or direction. Perhaps I need to ask more questions or perhaps I need to do more inner work. One thing I am certain of is that it will be revealed when I am ready….THIS was a realization that I never really considered before. It is because of the Master Key Experience that I know now, that, if I don’t seem to be getting any answers, it’s because there is more work to do on my part.

The best part is, I know this is a journey that will span across my lifetime. Never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop seeking. Our potential is limitless and any time we think we have hit the top, just look up and more will be revealed. I can’t put into words the gratitude I have for this entire experience as it has changed me for the better. It has really allowed me to experience the true abundance we have in this life and how much life is truly worth living.

My favorite statement that I’ve learned here is “Peace be the journey” and I embrace that every day. I also find keeping the peace to be easy to do no matter how bad life gets when you lean on God. Life is going to suck sometimes, there will be struggles, but I remain calm in that struggle, get up, work through it and no doubt in the end I persevere and you can too. Once we pull through (and we will) what we find on the other side is better than anything we could have ever imagined. Presence in this life is a gift, so become present and discover what’s available to you.

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  • Wow…I loved this post—actually read it twice. Your relationship with God, your thoughts and feelings made me stop and think about my own feelings, much the same as you have written. I do believe that we are here in this life to experience Joy and happiness … glad to hear that you are finding more oft his in your life. ♥️♥️♥️

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