MKE Week 22 – Cooperation- Lend A Helping Hand

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This week’s virtue is Cooperation.

The definition of Cooperation is 1: the actions of someone who is being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for, common effort. 2: association of persons for common benefit established trade and economic cooperations.

Being intentional and aware of cooperation this week, again, I came across hundreds of thousands of examples from myself, family, friends, colleagues, and the general public. Cooperation makes for a wealthier, healthier, and happier environment.

On my way to work, we move over when emergency vehicles approach to get to their destination. Most of us are more careful driving in inclement weather. Yes, the Northeast finally got measurable snow this week!

There is cooperation at businesses of all kinds- between the owners, managers, other employees, vendors, and customers/clients. At work, we cooperate with each other to get the work done, especially when a few call out sick.

At home, there is cooperation- I’m the dedicated cook and I do much of the cleaning. Walking the dogs, deciding where to go for wine tastings, club events, charitable events, and other home services are also a cooperative effort. Officiating at dance competitions- there is cooperation within the organizers, other officials, staff, competitors, vendors, and hotel staff.

My Reiki practice- cooperation between myself and my prospective clients and current clients, the center where I rent space, and the other practitioners.

For those of you who follow Tarot cards, I have an app that gives me a daily Tarot card reading. Conveniently, “The Lovers” came up for me today. Here is the description- love. Union, cooperation, choice, sexuality. When making choices today, take a long-term, heart-centered perspective.

Put the feelings and well-being of yourself and your loved ones first. A choice made purely from logic, that goes against what feels right, is not the right choice today. Ask yourself if your head and your heart are united. If you have a decision to make now, tune in to your heart’s desire, also pay attention to logic.

If you are acting out of love, you are in the right path. Often in life, we must make choices, and once we choose one path, another is sacrificed. Take responsibility and ownership for the choices you have made. Celebrate the love you have in all its forms: passion, friendship, caring, spiritual devotion, and self-love.

—This passage connects directly to our MKE learnings!—

Until next week, where we delve into the tenth virtue…

Meet Leonard Diana

Leonard is from Hartford, CT, a Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Practitioner, helping people feel and get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  His second passion is dance and officiating at ballroom dance competitions.  As a Heart-Centered Yellow/Blue, he loves spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, and  is enjoying the Master Keys Experience.

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  • Hi Len, It’s always a joy to read your posts. Where would we be if we didn’t cooperate? So much of our living together depends on cooperation and, as you said, Love.

  • Leonard, you could be on a billboard exclaiming the virtues of being a member of the Twelve Visions Party: Wealth, Health, and Happiness! #MKE welcomes your presence! 🙂

  • Bravo Leonard! Way to be the Observer. It’s amazing how once we focus on a virtue we can literally spot it everywhere. A wonderful reminder that Nature (in turn our world) is full of abundance. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

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