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You’ve probably heard the saying about seeing the world through “rose-colored glasses,” meaning having cheerful optimism or a pleasant outlook on things. After taking the color code test and training, I feel I see things through “blue-colored glasses.” My personality color is over 50% blue with almost all the rest being white, so my core motives are predominately intimacy and peace. I know I have all the colors in me, but at first glance I didn’t really see my red or yellow. Then I realized that I experience the other color’s qualities through a blue lens.

I didn’t see myself as a fun yellow person because many times what other people consider “fun” (parties, concerts, outdoor adventures, community events etc.) are not things I enjoy. However, I love joking and puns and my friends and co-workers enjoy my humor and personality. So, it occurred to me that I’m not a boring blue, I just have fun in a blue way. For example, I do enjoy gatherings, but they have to be small and intimate in nature, such as a party with a few close friends, or a private concert. If you’re a fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, there is an episode where Leonard says to Sheldon, “Hey. I thought you were with your new buddies.” and Sheldon responds, “I had to leave. They were having fun wrong.” I thought that was a very funny and blue response and I understand exactly what he meant because they weren’t having fun within his lens.

I also didn’t see myself as a red person because I don’t typically focus on power and leadership roles. I see myself as more of a background person who pays attention but doesn’t want lots of attention. When I’m in a staff meeting and my supervisors want us to discuss a topic, I’m not the one who initiates conversation or volunteers to talk when we’re asked to share what our group discussed. However, I have written proposals and gotten approval to teach my own classes to small groups of colleagues for two years in a row now! So, I can be and am a leader, but I prefer it to be on my terms rather than forced into the role, and again in small intimate groups of people. I’ve gotten really good feedback from my colleagues about the groups I’ve led and now they want to be a part of anything else I’m doing. I feel this is because I created a safe, trusted, space and encouraged a collaborative approach, which are very blue characteristics.

So, if you have struggled to recognize or embrace some of your colors, think about how you express them in your own unique ways within the scope of your primary color motive.

Meet Brittany Benson

I am a sign language interpreter for school aged Deaf and hard of hearing students. I am a Certified Wholistic Health Coach and passionate about using nutrition and natural approaches for restoring and maintaining ideal health. I’m a big fan of humor, especially puns!

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  • Great job finding and seeing who you are in your own way. Thanks for sharing this blog with all of us.

  • Brittany you truly do have interesting views on the colors. Learning from you certainly opens up the options on life’s reflections, and this blue truly understands. Thanks for your perspective.

  • Loved your perspective of seeing through the lens for different colors. It truly makes sense and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hi Brittany. I can really identify with your share in this post as I am also a primary blue and secondary white. Thank you for your reflection and the food for more thought you provide here. So grateful. 💞

  • How insightful, Brittany! Such good advice as we all work at applying the COLOR CODE wisdom to our own lives to give us insight and to be more and more comfortable with who we really are. I love how your define fun (YELLOW) and leadership (RED) through YOUR (BLUE/WHITE) lens.

  • Brittany, the way you’ve taken the lead in always being first or second to publish your weekly blog, there must be more than just a sliver of red inside that blue and white personality of yours! 🙂

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