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What an adventure these last 5 months have been, what an adventure it has given unto us, to me…

There was this concept that we came to know as our future selves and initially it seemed as what many have heard of via all those usual self-help programs and such. The ones that tell you to do this and that and yet you continued to remain exactly where you’d been a few hundred or thousand dollars early and a little younger than when you paid for it…

But this wasn’t that usual thing, this was something so different that we took notice, paid attention, and began to evolve! We even took time to sit and talk to that future version of ourselves. It was as if we were getting to know our future selves B4 that future self existed… well, it was like that until that future self started to show up in our present days! Yes, you read that correctly.

It was as if a sudden super spiral of all the good and great in the universe had finally found a way to break on through to this side, the part where we exist in the flesh. Those things once of a dream world, those things that we often would seek to find and always fell short of finding. Yeah, those things are the things that began to appear so ever present! And the plethora of good and great kept coming, one after another after another and after another…

Was it from some secret they all kept from us on the past? Not really. It was more of an application of already gathered knowledge, that once applied appropriately would bring you into that place that you’d sought for so so long.

Was it that you didn’t give enough or didn’t love enough or didn’t whatever enough? Nope, none of those apply to any of this. You have always done what you knew you should, but you didn’t have the faith, trust, guidance, or proper application!

Your true authentic self really does exist, that person is still inside you. The issue at hand is that cement they’ve been pouring on top of you your whole life! Maybe it’s time to Crack the cement just as I have and so many others… break out that left arm, then your right arm, Crack it a little more and soon you’re stepping out of that shell of cement that once confined you! Go ahead and leave that shell right there and walk away from it, go forward a little further and begin to find that person that you always knew you were! You know, that person that still had hope and dreams and wanted so so so much more for the universe around you!

Once you’ve broken out of that cement you’ll find a world filled with love, Generosity, kindness, and the likes…

I think I’ll end this week’s blog with the aforementioned and continue on it a little more next week…

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  • Wow, what a great blog Andrew, now to share the new you with the world and let them see all the amazing things you can do.

  • Empty shells are generally something you want to leave behind, Andrew. Just glad the real you popped out of yours and not a chicken! LOL 🙂

  • Isn’t it amazing to have those cements fall off and start seeing your true self? Nothing like it! Your hard mental labor for last 5 months definitely show in who you are now and more to come!

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