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As this adventure into my future me’s life continues, I find myself in a place unfamiliar to me. It’s a place that I recognize from those nights my dreams connected to where I wanted to one day be. However, I had no clue that it would come ever present as fast as it has.

That place, this place, the unknown place that has arrived in the present is that place that exists outside of what once was know to me as reality! In the weeks most recent to past I’ve discovered that this is the world that becomes one’s world when they no longer see reality inside of the imaginary limitations that we were led to believe are a part of our existence.

Insomuch that at that moment of realization, the moment we discover what lies here without those unrealistic and imaginary limitations are all the things that in reality are miracles! Just as you and I are miraculous, our creation miraculous, all things are miraculous as well.

So the time most present can only be described like this:
When so much of what is become all that is… When all that is becomes so much of all that one realizes that the truth is a harmonious balance of miracles in which their respective and harmonious truth is All that Is!

Or maybe a little simpler: outside of the nonexistent limitations most think exist, is a world of miraculous things that all exist in harmony!

Hope ya’ll followed that…

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  • I want to give you a lot of credit in continuing with your blogs during your move and know we all are cheering you on! For everything aligned for you because you have been doing what the classes recommend, connecting the cord, knowing you are worthy, with all the acts of ongoing love, kindness and abundance to give and ability to receive….Great balance and I encourage you to continue to tap into the inner source as you continue your life long journey….

  • I’ve once heard what you describe, Andrew, as the Civilization of the Universe. Welcome home! 🙂

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