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Every morning I write out 3 things I am grateful for. I’m on my second book and have been pretty consistent for over a year. For the past few months, I have written multiple times how grateful I am for MKE.

Although I have written on a prevous blog about the changes I was feeling and seeing …. I’m still so grateful.

I am taking full responsibility for my actions / words / responses. I am letting others take responsibility for theirs and am not taking it personally. I’m focusing only on what I can change and letting go that which I cannot.

I can write one of these blogs and fully express my feelings – the first 4 or so I wrote with hesitation / holding back / unsure of expressing myself and not wanting to be vulnerable. Now I just write stream of consciousness – what I”m feeling – and hitting Submit without re-reading or re-writing.

The stack of index cards I love and look forward to reading through them every day.

I love my Monday – Friday routine which is First and foremost in my calendar and productivity planner every morning. What a great way to start my work day and DO IT NOW!

I am truly going to miss the Sunday classes, though I know that I’ll still be keeping up with what I have learnt. (There are still 5 more months of Og to go. 🙂 )

Today I am grateful for MKE. thank you!

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  • There is nothing better than living with gratefulness. It fills the heart with joy. We are grateful to you Loriann for being in the class.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Starting and ending the day with gratitude uplifts the soul!

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