MKE Week 21 – Little tiny miracles of thought are shining through the cement

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Wow, Week 21.

Naturally doing tasks that are boring are extremely hard for me (but is that not everyone?) But also sitting still is unmanageable as well. I haven’t found the happy medium yet. It is hard to override my ADHD and focus.

I do like what was talked about in Week 21, and I appreciate the recognition of the struggle with unworthiness, guilt, shame etc, and yes it’s hard to grasp the idea of me being a miracle (I’m laughing right now) because of my self doubt.

Also that the world is made up of little ordinary miracles like a windy, starry night with swaying palm trees, and that everyone truly wants to connect and that we are already connected. My favorite miracles are rainbows, palm trees, sunsets, and how many different kinds of people there are on Earth.

I like how learning about and observing miracles in everything takes the hard focus off of myself and places it on helping others and seeing the good in them, I would love to make this an everyday reality, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

I like to be present and know how I’m feeling in a non-judgmental way, and that was impossible before. Either you define the moment, or the moment defines you. That is powerful.

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  • Hello Laura, I like that you share from your heart…being judgemental in the past and the present brings an open feeling of acceptance. You are coming into harmony with your true self.

  • Wow Laura! This is great, it is true about focusing on miracles though…we really do see them all around and it shifts our focus.

  • What is also powerful Laura, is your portrayal. It reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh, painting one of his masterpieces at Arles! 🙂

  • I love how some of your favorite miracles are in nature, especially sunsets, because they happen daily and are a great reminder of the miracles that are all around us!

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