MKE Week 21- Little Surprises and Miracles

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This week was one of peace, self-love and little surprises. I started focusing more on my physical health.

I realized that not only my thoughts but also my body needed to establish a better routine in order to have more endurance, strength and energy during the work week. I felt better with less fatigue to complete my tasks. My mental clarity improved as I focused on positive thoughts and outcomes. I received little surprises throughout the week which made me feel good and to know that I am on the right track with my thoughts.

One surprise was the kindness showed to me by my neighbor, another was by my work Supervisor who asked me about the church I attend. I invited her to come on a Bible Study night in which I told her it allowed me to stay focused and grounded throughout the week.

To my surprise she accepted my invitation kindly, I felt surprised and good inside that she observed something in me that inquired her to ask me about my attendance. I continue to be thankful and grateful for the small things in my life. I continue my readings, knowing that within this world we exist in that I am a miracle and someone sees my light and chooses to follow.

I Always Keep My Promise.

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  • LaDonna, I’m right there with you!
    Seeing how to change ourselves for the better, take the action and see the results! Congratulations.

  • Yes, LaDonna! Focusing upon health, whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical, is invariably a good choice! 🙂

  • Hello LaDonna, You create harmony, body, mind, and spirit. All are connected, and the rewards are that others can relate. You’re creating an excellent opportunity to share your story for influence.

  • I recently realized my body needs a better routine also, so I’ve started exercising. I hope to experience more clarity, endurance, energy, and strength like you have!

  • Maria, taking action on the still small voice inside of you can bring about amazing events. Glad you listened! 🙂

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