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This week has been significantly different from all previous weeks. I now have a guest living with me in my little house!

My relatively new friend, a soul brother, has quite magically showed up in a very timely manner. Both of us are used to living by ourselves and we have both gone through a long period of cocooning mostly in solitude.

I love my space. I love being by myself and taking care of myself. Same with him. It was time for a change, though. I suggested he’d come to the farm to help out with the chickens and with chopping wood in exchange for a room in the big house.

Interestingly, just as he was about to arrive here, my half sisters from Norway showed up out of the blue, and both guest rooms were suddenly taken. The only option was to offer him my tiny little living room, and that is where he has camped out the last five nights.

If you had told me a week ago that I was going to share my little house with somebody I have only met once before, I would have said β€œno way”. After having shared my home with many people over the years, and not having been respected, I have learned to set my boundaries. I was not about to let anyone overstep those again.

Now after almost a week together and sharing a lot of time, mostly working and studying (the MKE, yes, he likes it) I can hardly believe it has worked out so well. I am amazed and so is he.

By being so clear about who I am, what I desire, like and want in my life, I can, once again, see that the Law of Attraction works with perfection and it pleases me greatly. This young man is just as determined as I am, if not even more, to become the best VISION of himself.

I had never thought I would find someone that could mirror, and at the same time, complement me so well. We do great work together and have very similar goals and desires to facilitate the unfolding of our brand new world so we, together with other soul siblings, can co-create a legacy worthy of handing over to our children and the coming seven generations.

It is a delight to see the proof of my own beautiful unfolding, the greatest vision of myself, in so many ways. Both within and in the world outside. It is hard work, yes, but it is a true labor of love and the results of that inner work and my commitment come faster, and faster, all the time.

Flow is a blast!

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  • How wonderful, Ann-Charlotte. That experience might have turned out quite differently prior to MKE!

  • Yes, Ann-Charlotte, agreement with #MKE is a powerful magnet for greater oneness to be formed! πŸ™‚

  • Hello Ann-Charlotte, You are experiencing an unfolding of who you truly are and the connection to your new friend is showing you this new you.

  • Being open to the possibilities and acting in faith can be eye-opening and lead to new experiences. Very cool!

  • Great share Ann-Charlotte. What a gift to give ourselves….taking the journey to really discover who we are, what we truly want, and then to communicate that to others in a healthy way – a wonderful way to live. You are reaping the valuable benefits from what you have sowed by consistently doing the mental labor/exercises of the Master Key System. I love how you described “It is a delight to see the proof of my own beautiful unfolding, the greatest vision of myself, in so many ways.” Thanks for being a wonderful example for all of us Ann-Charlotte.

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