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This week I experienced something I never thought I would….One of my mentors I work with created and founded his company and after 8 highly successful years, he announced he was no longer a part of the business. Shock, sadness, hurt, confusion and even a feeling of betrayal all hit me at the same time. Here is a man that created this very successful nearly 8-figure business while building a community that has become family as we got together quarterly (sometimes more) to learn, grow and build our businesses.

What was more interesting was that, he stated this was a feeling and decision, that had been weighing on him for a year. Now, although I felt as if I was losing a piece of my life, I know this is a man that will continue to be a mentor in my life, just in a different way. He released a video explaining why he made the move that he did and he realized that God was pulling him in a different direction. Part of the reason he struggled with this for a year was because he believed that he was in the right place doing God’s work, but soon realized that he wasn’t.

One thing that stood out was that he also mentioned the feeling of relief when he finally made the decision to move ahead to his new adventure. Describing it as if a large weight was lifted off of him. I could see the beaming happiness and joy he felt with his decision and he even mentioned how he wished he had made the decision sooner.

There in lies a valuable lesson. We as people tend to delay and hold ourselves back from moving forward even when we know we should move on. Unfortunately, some may even delay to the point that they never move forward. Other people may be concerned that their decision will negatively impact others or fear that it may negatively impact themselves so they hesitate.

I have found that If there is a burning desire in your heart, and especially if you feel that God is pulling you towards a different direction, the best thing you can do is listen. In my experience, I have realized that it’s best the sooner you make the move. It removes unnecessary worry and concerns that may weigh on you, and the longer you take, the more that weight will stack. Take the action you need to now and start the journey to create a better life today!

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