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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a company conference. I must admit, I really don’t like to go to those things for a whole variety of reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with this post. However, that having been said, I had an “Aha” life changing moment there.

One of my projects with that company was to open Mexico. I introduced an experienced leader and businessman who I’d known for several years to the company’s CEO. This was 3 years ago. He became the VP of Latin American expansion and helped the company get product approvals, etc. that they would need to do their business. One of his businesses was distributing powdered milk to the Mexican Government.

Now, this company’s mission is to eliminate childhood malnutrition, which takes one tiny life every six seconds. Note that I didn’t stay starvation – add that to the heartbreaking statistics. They do that through a buy one, nourish two business model in which they donate nutritional servings to organizations who stir a nutrient rich mixture in food. But the taste was a problem.
My friend came up with the idea of mixing the nutrients with the powdered milk he knew so well. It is called Mighty Milk.

Last year, Mighty Milk nourished 40 million children in Mexico. As I listened and watched the presentation, it finally struck me – by making one introduction, I affected the lives of millions of children in one year!! And I realized that as much of a cheerleader I am for others, I am perhaps the last person to give myself credit, to High Five MYSELF! I am honored and humbled by knowing that one simple action will allow me to help many millions of children in the years to come – and also give myself a well-deserved Great Job.

I’m now going through my cards and after the sentence showing my accomplishments, I’m putting Great Job!

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  • MJ, you definitely deserve a high-five for a great job. Touch lives can occur in many different ways. Sometimes it is only through the universal touch as you have done. Thank You!!

  • Yeah, high five MJ, both for the reflection made and for the action that impacts so many lives!

  • Thank God for that introduction and the millions of lives you have touched. An incredible act of kindness!

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