MKE Week 21 – Getting Out of My Way

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This week I could have followed my plan better. My plan could have been better. Some things took longer than expected. Then the unexpected showed up. Previously I would not plan for the next week and give up. This time I will persist. The next plan will be better with continuous improvement every week. I am not fond of the weekly planning yet.

I had a meet-and-greet event with the Chamber of Commerce this Wednesday. I was not as nervous as I thought I might be. I had a good time. I talked to about ten different people. They were all charming and interesting. I told several people I spoke to that I was there to get more comfortable talking to people and expand my comfort zone. Ben, whom I spoke to, told me to stick out my hand and say hello. That did not happen on Wednesday.

I met realtors, marketers, a banker, and a person who worked with organizations on stress management. At one point, I talked about MKE and the power pose video. I showed the power pose and talked about the arms in the air crossing a finish line. The remark the person I was talking about said is about being open. I agreed, and a few minutes later, I realized I was in a closed position and corrected myself. I had a good time. I was uncomfortable at times but not too much.

Today, when I was thinking about the experience, I realized that I only felt uncomfortable when I was not talking to someone. I was in my way. If I had taken Ben’s advice of Ben, I would have probably had a better time. For the next event, I aim to stick my hand out and say hello to someone. Maybe more than one.

I look forward to the day the guy in my way is no longer in the room with me. Someday, maybe sooner than I think.

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  • For the most part, your observation of the Guy in the Mirror is the start of change. Good on you John.
    (Apologies for lateness of this comment, I’m not sure where my original comment went to, lost in cyberspace last week).

  • Love the Post John. Thanks for sharing your story. I have had similar meetings at BNIs and Chamber events and you’re right, it is more uncomfortable to stand alone not talking to people…because they probably feel the same way, and are waiting for YOU to step-up and say Hello. Keep going buddy – You Got This!

  • Way to go, John! You’re most of the way there, already! Soon, your comfort zone will be stretched and you’ll not only be comfortable, but you’ll also be an amazing networker.

  • Great blog John. I believe that someday is TODAY. The question is… what do you believe?? Because from the MKE principles we know what you believe is what becomes your reality. You got this John! Stay persistent in focusing only on what you want; I encourage you to sacrifice the urge to describe what didn’t go as well, that only keeps it alive. Hold your magnifying glass steady on only what you want so you manifest the peace of mind and life you truly want.

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