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A good week with time to think about what is most important. That is what the MKE is all about. Finding your place within yourself. I have been thinking about my business, my DMP and what or how it is really all connected. My personal pivotal needs are liberty and true health.

I have been good a living my life in true health. Still some work on getting the exercise in my day which is pretty hectic like everyone, but getting better at finding time every day to do something.
Liberty has been a main part of my daily sits. The power to do as one pleases has much appeal to my soul, but there has been something else missing in my mix. My daily reading of inspiring books leads me to define liberty in a personal and fitting way to motivate me even more.


“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality” – Mahatma Gandhi

Freeing my personality and showing emotions has been (past tense) a choke point of my development. With the Colorcode training, this has been the focus of my week, learning how to deal with my “white” personality and as Mark J says “get emotional” with myself. I’m not sure where this new side adventure of the MKE is going to bring me yet, but I am excited to work and believe in the process.

As an additional change this week, I have changed my background music to my DMP with Freedom by Wham! to give my subby something new to process.

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  • As a yellow person I can really relate to Mahatma Gandhi’s “(I want) freedom for the full expression of my personality”. To fully express my personality in every way (even the most loopy ones) is to live in my full potential. Way to go, Michael, being free to express your personality!

  • Excellent choice of music Michael. Emotions really help you to find what you need. It is sometimes hard for a white to do just that (I can relate) but you can do it. Great things are coming your way.

  • Sometimes looking at a list of different emotions can help you identify and describe what you are feeling, or what you want to feel to help you get in touch with them. I think there was a list in the color code training, or just do an internet search. Good luck on your new adventure in feeling your emotions!

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