MKE Week 21 – Birthdays! What emotions they bring!

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Early this month it seems like there are lots of folks having them.

My husband just celebrated his birthday by escaping reality – we went camping in a beautiful state park filled with peace, critters and lots of sand. While he doesn’t actually meditate, he did a lot of sitting and being still. I enjoyed that tremendously, as I worry about him getting old and it was good to see him relax.

Birthdays conger up lots of thoughts about aging…we love to have more time but why do people deny their age? Are we aging ungracefully? Do we demand more time? Does our ego deny us the reality of being ‘old’? Do we not want to accept that our bodies are no longer able to do everything it could do 20 years ago?

Our exercise this week was to concentrate on the Truth. My hours of silence were partially spent thinking of my immortality, my time here on earth. And everything other than silence is activity, so maybe my husband had the right idea about getting into being still. And yes, birthdays shall be celebrated with appreciation of every minute of every day. Happy Birthday March Babies! ♥

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As a compassionate connector, giving others a bigger perspective of life experiences feeds my soul. Personal development, positively influencing others with health education and coaching fulfills me. From our home on the Space coast, I love traveling with my husband of 35 years and our senior rescue dogs in our RV, working our way across the USA!

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  • birthdays are a celebration of what we have learned and how much we have grown in this experience called life, thank you Diane!

  • Mind over matter … you’ve got this Diane and your MKE studies are there to help.
    Oh and isn’t age just a number? 🙂

  • “peace, critters and lots of sand,” Diane. Why do people live in Florida? I think now I understand! 🙂

  • As a March baby, I appreciate your reflections — and your growth! Can’t wait to see where your journey continues to take you, Diane!

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