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I have been thinking a lot about the delicate balance of the opposing forces in our world. Also how prayer is the gateway to the subconscious and the release of his infinite power within us. What has really got me to think is the “how to pray” and how very few do this correctly.

On my quest of the how-to’s in prayer there seemed to be a lot of advice. There were people talking about who to pray for, what to pray for, and in what condition to pray in. I think the most important might be the condition of how to pray. So this is what I will focus on.

If you are praying for your heart’s desire then how is that achieved? First and foremost we want to be in harmony with God. To do this you must know what God is about. The only way to know this is to be in his word. He tells you what he wants for your life. He also lets you know what you should expect. God wants you to always be grateful first and foremost for what you already have. He cares more about the condition of one’s heart and that you seek him first in everything. What I believe all this comes down to is your influence on others and how you are witnessing on God’s behalf. Are you showing others his heart through you? This is the true essence of the power of attraction I believe. How are you preparing your heart every morning to reach others in the correct manner?

I have decided to incorporate reading scripture and praying with my morning meditation and readings. Is all of this the application of the scientifically correct methods and principles as talked about in Hanel? I believe it is.

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  • Listen to your heart. He speaks through each of us and has made us unique for His purpose.

  • Wow Heather! Amazing blog! Amen , I couldn’t agree more. God knows our hearts, and seeking Him first in His Word gives me a peace I can find nowhere else.

  • Terrific reminder that gratitude is key. Love the highlighting of condition, which many times is overlooked.

  • I believe the correct method of praying includes not only asking God for what you desire with a “please”, but saying “thank you” ahead of time for answering your prayer.

  • I love this Heather! I believe you are right as well. A grateful, humble heart is the key to prayer, I would say.

  • I believe you are correct, Heather. Seek first His kingdom and righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. (Mt6:33)

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