The Master Mind Experience is a course to open your mind and your soul to possibilities that can be. Imagination helps open that door of what is possible. This course has a

What a dramatic concept! Simply through the act of observing, outcomes change! Observing requires us to be the observer, obviously. But by being the observer, we are therefore considering ourselves separate from

I think somewhere, somehow, our emotions are directly hard wired into our survival programming. For example, anger triggers the release of adrenaline – you know, the flight or fight hormone. As we’ve

When contemplating the gifts that silence brings, the above quote came to mind. So, I did a little research on gold and found something interesting. Throughout all of human history and pre-history,

Usually, we wouldn’t think of a question or a phrase as a tool, instead we would think of a sander, a hammer or maybe a knife. In the realm of mental creation

I’m fed up with winter. I’m fed up with all the rain. I’m fed up with the cold. I just want to go out in my garden and work with my plants.

Recently I experienced something on both an intellectual and an emotional level which I was able to move from a negative to a positive experience. It started out as my own personal

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a company conference. I must admit, I really don’t like to go to those things for a whole variety of reasons that have nothing whatsoever

Through the work we’ve done and are doing here, much of our focus is on our thoughts. We are encouraged to substitute one thought for another from time to time. We are