A few weeks ago we were challenged to take some time to sit in silence. I’m not talking about 10-15 minutes, it was suggested to do, at a minimum, 1 day, and

6 months……when I started this journey, I was excited to see how I would progress through this Master Key Experience. I was ALL IN BABY! However, as life tends to do, there

YOU WILL OVERCOME “Elijah was suicidal.Job wished he was never born.David was depressed.Moses was anxious.Hannah was barren.Paul was in prison.Jacob was a cheater.Peter had a temper.David had an affair.Noah got drunk.Jonah ran

As I was doing my sit this week, I was contemplating all the ways that MKE has impacted my life. I reflected on why I signed up for this intensive, 6 month

I found myself observing an experience that happened to me this week that I honestly was amazed at my response. I’ve recently embarked on a new journey in my work and it

Here we are 22 weeks into this Master Key Experience and I find myself perplexed? Life is definitely different, better, as I can say there is absolutely more joy, happiness, presence and

This week I experienced something I never thought I would….One of my mentors I work with created and founded his company and after 8 highly successful years, he announced he was no

This process through the Master Key Experience has been joyous, fun, interesting, and a bit mysterious as I stretch myself to change things that were habits and thoughts I’ve had for 40+

To say that I’m grateful for being prompted to go away for a Silence and Solitude retreat would be a profound understatement. When I first heard about it, I was truly giddy