I can’t believe there are just hours to go until the Commencement week of MKE – talk about mixed emotions. At the beginning of the course, I was grumbling inside. I need

Here we are, at the end of our scheduled journey together. I am quite emotional about this day. It was a long way away when we started the Master Key Experience on

I cannot believe we’ve completed all these weeks and are just 2 weeks shy of completion of the course. I went from wondering how I could commit to attending 26 Sundays, to already

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest because of the trees. As I wander around the woods, sometimes lost, and sometimes amazed at what I see along the path, you come

Once you become the observer, you see what is really important, if you truly listen. The question has been asked. Life has responded, as it always does. Now is the time to

I have not completed the silence exercise … yet. When I mentioned the idea at the dinner table, I was shocked that the hubby wanted to do it with me! How cool

With each week, I keep noticing small things which are so exciting in general. Increased confidence, not worrying as much of what others think, increased happiness …. it all comes back to

It was certainly a crazy and busy week for me and business. I did not get a chance to even think about unplugging and taking a few days for myself to drop

Every morning I write out 3 things I am grateful for. I’m on my second book and have been pretty consistent for over a year. For the past few months, I have