We have all been conditioned to believe that “happiness comes after success”, but what happens when your idea of success keeps shifting? Will you ever be happy? This week, I learned that

Had an amazing conversation with a long-time friend I haven’t spoken to in over a year. I have known him since college and he is a cancer survivor now living in Northern

December is here and the holiday season is upon us. I started to feel my old blueprint fighting to reassert itself over the past week, but then I simply took extra time

It has been a struggle trying to find that definite major purpose in my life. We all tend to say the same thing – “I want to help people.. I want to

This week was really hard for me and I actually had my subby take over yesterday and sulked into a breakdown. My husband has been great at holding me accountable for doing

Ok… so not all weeks are amazing with MKMMA, but I am still chugging along. The week of Thanksgiving was amazing; I spent time with my wife, kids, and my my family.

“I will persist until I succeed.”- OG Mandino. These words in “The Scroll Marked III” hit me like thunder and vibrated my soul. I feel like a new person reading each word

I had an amazing experience last year; I completed an intense mental and physical program called 75 Hard. Only 5 tasks to complete each day, but if you miss any one of

My husband is really great at prospecting for me and he met a woman working as a store manager who said she was interested in a business opportunity. He told her about