This week I am proud of my accomplishments. I planted the seeds of growth and I am expected many blessings and positive manifestations in my life. I stayed the course and at

We have reached the conclusion of the reading of Master Key! We have spent more than 24 weeks experimenting with ways to create new habits, to live into our own dreams and

All things are good no matter the outcome. I remain steady and focused on positive outcomes knowing no matter what, it will all work out for the good. I am focused on

Early this month it seems like there are lots of folks having them. My husband just celebrated his birthday by escaping reality – we went camping in a beautiful state park filled

As I have been diligently taking steps with my business these last few weeks, I am noticing. I am more keenly aware that as I engage abundantly learning how I can gift

This week I remain in gratitude for the small things in my life. I realized that with change come disruptions. I realized that the issues which occurred bring positive changes which were

There has been a change in me. My attitude, how I show up for others and how I also show up for myself. I am now seeing results that I have released

Is it Golden? Silence is golden But my eyes still see Silence is golden, golden But my eyes still see My 36 hours of silence accomplished! I do have to admit a

I am thankful for each day. I am unique with qualities that only I have been given. I am grateful for all the little things. I remain positive and persistent to achieve