After 24 weeks my new journey begins now…… I have never spent 6 months, at any point in my life, living backwards while unwinding & unlearning how I was taught & raised.

Hard to believe we are in the last week of MKE. The changes have been quite profound personally. What I mean by that is, I am surprised by the actions I’ve taken,

When I saw the webby and Mark share a very intimate moment, like the look on his kids face when he showed up to his music recital or play etc.. how much

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all. I’ve kind of been blanking out this week. Like everything is going in slow motion and I’m not super motivated. Yesterday I was on the sofa all

Has anybody else felt like the “I practiced acceptance,” “I take responsibility for the situation,” “I relinquish the need to defend my point of view,” that the laws of least effort is

I was just in Seattle for 5 days visiting my niece. I did the bare minimum. I can tell though how this program is changing me. I interact with everyone differently and

Last week, I talked about the anxiety I had just “thinking” about getting away for 48 hours from technology or connection with other people. I confessed my physical/emotional addiction to my external

I still have to do the “quiet for a couple days” exercise. I’m in Seattle this week with my mom visiting my sister and my niece. I realize that it is important

Silence, Is It Golden? I usually love the weekly webinars. I always learn so much and leave so excited and inspired for the coming week. Surprisingly, this week was just the opposite.