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Press Release.

Oakland and San Francisco can be seen from the hill top back garden of the Barring estate. The view is of breathtaking beauty, the ocean can be seen shimmering as the sun sets the sky ablaze of mellow yellows, vibrant orange and deep blue skies. The ambience of Rav and Cristina’s home is warm and welcoming.

You can feel Rav exude a calm, relaxed joyous nature. Sitting around the fire pit with his inner circle of dear friends enjoying a cigars and German pilsners. Powerful, engaging conversations have ranged from their next asset acquisition in Real Estate to the team being built in the financial services industry, philosophy, family cohesion, and travels around the world.

Rav looks great for his age. His fitness secret. The Mike Mentzer approach. 1-2 hours a week of high intensity training followed by 5 days of recovery. It’s unbelievable, but Rav’s physique is living proof that this works. Rav listens with the care that makes you feel like you matter, he speaks with precision, every word is strategic. His cadence and tone has a gravity that pulls you into deep uplifting thought. You can tell, this man has experienced the kind of adversity that has made him mentally tough, nothing phases this man out of character as he speaks in such a humbled grateful manner.

You can feel his presence as he sits in the ‘small chair’ shifting paradigms and planting seeds of hope in those minds around him. He lives by the Principle: Give more, Get more. Rav said he discovered himself through an intense course called the Master Key Experience. He said, once he found himself as God had created him originally, he was liberated. The cement came off. Rav said he focused on where he wanted to be and was guided by the compass of his heart. The resources and people came about as a result.

Rav views his financial wealth as a resource that’s to be respected, protected and managed to ensure that generations of the Barring family tree thrive and prosper. I love how Rav thinks, he has put in educational requirements into his estate planning for future generations. These requirements prevent what happened to the Vanderbilt family. Instead, Rav and his wife Cristina are mimicking the Rockefeller family the best they can, building and securing the foundations for generational wealth.

I love what Rav stands for, his impeccable Integrity of character. His favorite saying are, ‘If you don’t contribute, you don’t matter’, and ‘What you manage you get more of, what you don’t manage, you lose’. You can clearly see, Rav is an accomplished man who has uplifted many by providing comfort and peace of mind through his business ventures.

Meet Rav Barring

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  • Eloquently and beautifully written. You really touched my heart. I can see and feel it all. Congratulations!

  • Hey, Rav! I think this is fantastic. I like best the part where you talk about your integrity of character. You stand up for what you believe in, and you are building generational wealth. Great job!

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