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MKE Press Release

Date: 1/18/2027

Interviewer: Joe Rogan

Location: Joe Rogan Studio

JR) Tonight We Have With Us Mr. Chris Morrow, Self-Directed Thinker, Ultra Successful Entreprenuer, Ideal Husband & Father, International Man Of Action, And All Around Bad Mofo!!!!

CM) Whoooo!!!! Hahaha!! Thank You So Much!! Awesome Intro, Incredibly Accurate I Might Add!!

JR) You’re Very Welcome, Bro And Welcome Back!! What’s This Like Your 4th Or 5Th Time?

CM) 5th Actually, And You Know, Like Married Sex It Just Keeps Getting Better Every Time!! I Love It Here Man!!

JR) HaHa, You’re Looking Great Dude, Still Thriving I See!! Enjoying Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Traveling The World with your Amazing Wife & Daughter……Stop me anytime

CM) Aye, What Can I Say?? All benefits of the Hard Mental Labor

JR) What Do You Mean??

CM) Well, For Me It Was Seeing My Life As It Is Now But Back Then….Inundated In Quite Desperation.

JR) Thoreau!! F**k Yeah!!

CM) Right, Right, But Seriously. Not Just daydreaming, but actually mentally Directing your imagination.  Create any reality we want and actually be there in your mind!! In The Beginning This was very Difficult to even attempt, But With Daily Practice and If You Can Manage To Hold That Reality In Your Mind and Never Let go, + A Whole Lotta Faith………….Then….well….

JR) Well….

CM) Then….Well here we are, Joe


CM) So way back in the day when I was like 17, I’d get home late from work. Start to unwind and chill, blaze up & catch the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now often times these cats would be on the holo-deck. You knew they were on the holo-deck because they be in some crazy scene out of history that didn’t look anything like Star Trek. They’d be in a harem in Ancient Rome wearing togas, or on horseback during the civil war…

JR) I Remember The holo-deck!!! Speaking Of Blaze Up, You Want?

CM) No Thanks Bruddha, No more fire for me Just Edibles these days

JR) Sounds Good!!

CM) So I Was Like Damn, I wish I had a holo-deck

JR) That would be F**kin’ Dope!!!

CM) So Bro, It Turns Out that we actually do have a holo-deck!! All If Us Do!! You see actually directing Your imagination to create Any, I repeat Any Realty you truly desire is an incredibly challenging task.

It’s always been easy for me to daydream. At a moment’s notice I can be somewhere else in my mind, smelling the smells, seeing expressions on people’s faces, having conversations and really feeling the emotions of these experiences, yet all in my mind and all at random.

Not on command. So I had had some experience at the work just from being a daydreaming weirdo. The really f**ckin’ hard part was directing my imagination To see, feel, and experience the reality I wanted to live/ Feel & experience the emotions I truly wanted to live by All in my mind, on command, At Will!! I Had not yet learned how to harness my latent, dormant, god given mutant powers. On top of that I was riddled with imbalances,procrastination, self resistance, self doubt, disbelief and negative thinking.

JR) Dude, You’re F**kin’ Crazy!!

CM) I Know, Right But That’s what it was, so much resistance in the beginning, it took me a while to be in the flow of constantly remaining open to the reality I was seeking and not create any mental discomfort yet pushing myself to implement these new actions to solidify them as habit and level up my god given mutant abilities..

JR) Damn Dude!! You’re Still Crazy, But That’s Some Uplifting Sh*t!!

CM) Hell Yeah!!

JR) In Fact, I Feel more uplifted right now, just being in your presence…..

CM) Hahaha, Yeah I Get That A lot these days

JR) Oh, You get that a lot these day’s , kind of arrogant huh?

CM) Maybe A little, but you see, it was part of my DMP….to improve how I was showing up and to……
Get ready now, …….Uplift Everyone in my presence!!!

JR) F**k man, Good Goal

CM) I think so….See we all know someone who you just couldn’t feel bad around.?Someone who could change your mood from negative to positive without even saying a word just by being around them. Some people are so powerful they can change your energy without a word from a distance even, like 50-100 Ft Away!! You just unknowingly walk into their energy and suddenly you feel like Dancing, don’t even know why. My Best friend growing up was the epitome of this… R.I.P. Mr. Lesi Alapati Alo

JR) I See, I See…..Show Up as the best possible you?

CM) Precisely….8 or better to be exact.

JR) And You Practice this?

CM) All Day, Everyday!!

JR) F**k Yeah, Man!! DMP??
CM) Definite Major Purpose……Or Dharma…..What You we’re put on this earth to do .

JR) Ok, Ok like Bruce Lee’s Chief Definite Aim!!?

CM) Warm, Very Warm

JR) Ok I Got It, Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich” MotherF**ker!!

CM) Nice One Dude, Very Close……But Not Quite..

JR) Well Mysterio, Enlighten Me

CM) Alright, Alright… Get Ready ……Wait for it

JR) Come On Dude

CM) The Master Key System!!

JR) ??? Never Heard if it.. Now “Think and Grow Rich” That’s a great book! You should read it, You could learn a lot

CM) Agreed, but let me unpack a little bit here You see way back in 2021, I had enough and decided it was time for a change. There were other contributing factors that lead up to this, but mostly I hated how I was showing up and I hated how negative I always felt inside!! Angry, brooding, depressed, sad, constantly disappointed and filling my head with negative, self-destructive, self talk…. My Rocky, not too stable marriage wasn’t helping either. So I decided to take action, and suddenly there I was doing push-ups, getting strong….

JR) You mean You were sitting in the bathtub crying, with the shower on….?

CM) …..Yeah…….I Was

CM) So I Found a mentor…….He gave me a reading list. Now eventually I had to part ways with the mentor because…

JR) it was gonna cost you a bajillion dollars???

CM) At the time, 13,000 actually

JR) Ouch!!

CM) I Know Right……but I kept on with the reading list…… included “Think And Grow Rich”

JR) And the rest is history…

CM) Not Quite my friend, You see, I took down TAGR!! I absolutely loved it, agreed with it, Believed in it, I still felt confused, vague, and didn’t know where to begin. Much like listening to Tony Robbins, I love him, I believe in him, but How The F**k Do I Do This Tony? Where do I start? What Do I specifically need to do each day to create my ideal reality!??! Why Is Your Mouth so Big? F**k Tony!!! You know what I’m sayin??

JR) I get it, Dude …..,I get it

CM) So I’m scrolling IG, @Theworld’slaziestnetworker, there’s this dude talking about TAGR and how Nap Hill made all that stuff up about meeting Carnegie and the world’s most successful people and that TAGR, while a magnificent book, is actually a plagiarism of a much older, much, much greater book!! To make TAGR Hill basically reworded it , the greater book, and took out all the really important spiritual stuff and dumbed it down for the general public.

JR) Really!??! What is It?

CM) Get ready for it……..Again…. The Master Key System!!! See This book is the Real TAGR. It actually gives you the truth about all reality & existence and directs you to the work to be done each day to actually create the life you truly desire!!! I really feel that this book was intended to be the only one of it’s kind that one would ever need!! Probably why no one’s ever heard of it. It actually gives you a complete picture, outline, and blueprint for the real work you need to do to get the life you want. Starts with sitting still, then observing your thoughts, there’s a whole progression, step by step for 26 weeks.
That’s why it’s a system

JR) F**k Yeah, Sounds Awesome!! I’m Interested!! Master Key System, Right??

CM) Yep That’s Right and it is very awesome

JR) And the rest is history??

CM) Currently I am earning $ 20,000 A Month From Residual & Passive Income. I Own Multiple Properties, Including Air BnB’s In Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, And Mexico. I Enjoy Living By My Own Time & Means. I Travel Often & Ho on Adventures With My Amazing Wife And Incredible Daughter!! I Engage And Uplift Everyone I Meet, And I Now Possess A Burning Live For All LifeThat Can Never Be Extinguished!! Yeah, Joe, I Would Say That The Rest Is History!!

JR) Great Stuff Man!!! I Love It!! Suggestions For Anyone Listening…….

CM) The Master Key Experience, The Master Key System, @TheWorld’sLaziestNetworker, You Can’t Go Wrong!!

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  • Inspiring and full of enthhhhuussiiiaaammm Chris!! Well done! enjoy reading your Press Release on Thursdays and manifesting the Life you love. Congrats!!

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