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Peter Pan here with Fantasy Island News reporting, with Wanda K Robinson on her, the adventure of manifesting her Definite Major Purpose.

It’s a cold briskly March 25th, 2025 morning on Highland Flats where Wanda and her husband Jay live.

As we drove into their home the driveway is heated with the sidewalk to the home as well as a path to their two sheds and the birdfeed area.

It’s a typical 2 bedroom, a one-bath home that they bought in 1982 just a few minor updates to maintain its structure.

It sets on 10 acres of wooded land and is part of 600 acres that were bought from paternal grandparents in 1940 when they moved from Wyoming, the rest of the 590 acres has been sold off over the years.

Wanda’s definite major purpose is that she manifest $300,000 a year and gift her son’s their inheritances now rather than later, of $30.000.00 a month so she knows they no longer need to have a JOB, as Wanda says ”Just Over Broke life”

She says “I don’t want a huge house that I would have to spend hours upon hours to clean and upkeep, it’s large enough for us to have an extra bedroom for anyone who would want to spend the night.”

Wanda shines when she talks about her boys and their family, you can tell they are the most important part of her life.

I asked Wanda how she was able to manifest her Definite Major Purpose, and she remarked “I debarked on a journey of self-discovery and partook in a Master Key Experience that helped others to discover their hidden talents and bring it to life. I have learned the skills of Go90Grow, MKE, and the law of attraction plus a lot more, I practiced these skills, and I transformed and manifested into a successful businesswoman in the health and wellness industry”.

This is Peter Pan signing off, as Wanda always says “May this find you and yours doing well”.

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  • Hey Wanda, I come in and have a greeting from a Ms. Tinkerbell. Do you happen to know her? She is all giggly and happy checking out your marvelous vision as she wildly sprinkles fairy dust all over it. All glittery and shiny. This gal is crazy, buzzing around all over and she can hardly control herself. The joy of seeing Wanda’s dream come true is the most fun she has had in ages! Oooh, there is a wild bunch over there too, preparing for a big huge party it seems. I hope I get invited <3

  • Wow, what an amazing gift you have planned for your boys and their families, Wanda! Loved reading your post!

  • You gave me a all picture of this wonderful life of yours like I was visiting through your words.

  • Wanda, I’m imagining you saying to Peter Pan, ” “May this find you and yours doing well”. from your home on Highland Flats

  • Wanda, how fun! I love the third person perspective of Peter Pan checking you out living your dream!

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