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“We have a very special episode today.
I’m excited for you to meet our guest.
My guest today is a multi-entrepreneur…
His businesses generate well over 1.5 billion dollars in annual revenue.
He’s fun…
He loves to help people…
And he’s pretty darn sexy to boot!

Would you please help me welcome…
Khush Panthakyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

“Thank you, Oprah. It’s great to be here!”

“Thank you, Khush. You know…I absolutely LOVE your story.
I love the fact that you’ve been able to parlay all the anger, the hurt, the isolation you felt while growing up, into helping kids and teens become leaders and contributors in society before they even leave high school!

But before we get into that, many of our audience members don’t know your back story.
It’s a really powerful story.
Go ahead and please tell us what happened.”

“Thanks, Oprah. It all starts at the age of 14.
I’m on my way to my first session for Junior Achievement Canada.
I hop onto my trusty bicycle and three corners later…


I get hit by a car.

Now, this is in the days before bike helmets are made mandatory…

Oprah, the impact of my bare skull hitting the asphalt, literally kills me.
I am dead when paramedics arrive — my heart had stopped.
They work furiously to bring me back to life.
I’m rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of downtown Toronto’s Hospital For Sick Children.
My life signs are so low, that doctors suggest turning off life support systems to allow me to die. ”

“My God. I can’t imaging what your parents must have been going through!”

“It was excruciating for them, as you can imagine.
But both my parents are fighters. That’s where I get it from!
So, my dad fights tooth and nail with the doctors to keep me plugged into the machines in the ICU.”

“And you spend 6 months in hospital.
But your return to high school isn’t so smooth.
In fact, it’s the most excruciating experience of your life.

When we come back, Khush reveals how close he came to death once more as a teenager…
And how someone with a divine name literally saves his life!
More after this!”

“Welcome back!
Just before the break, Khush revealed how his life signs were so low that they barely registered.
And there would be a lot more pain and anguish in store for you. ”

“Certainly. So, picture the scene…
Here I am…back in high school for the first time since my hospital stay.
I have a LOT of behavioral issues because of the brain injury.
I’m bullied for it…people egging me on to do all kinds of foolish acts.
And I comply, because in my condition, I am completely susceptible to suggestion…
And it doesn’t help matters much that I have also always been a class clown!

Little do I know that my peers are deliberately making me into a laughing stock.
They keep provoking me…
They try to see just how far this jackass would go to get a laugh from people.
So, I become socially toxic…
A complete pariah among my peers.
I literally become the most famous person in the school…
As the person to avoid at all costs”.

“This is such a great story, Khush.
Please go on.”

“Thank you.
Now, my high school principal knows what had happened to me.
But he is also a man of tremendous honor, integrity, and posture.
He is, after all, a Hall Of Fame Quarterback with the Canadian Football League.
So he lays down the law, telling me that he will send me to any other school in the district if I don’t like his rules.

Oprah, that’s the catalyst I need.
I smarten up and I stop letting my bullies egg me on.

But they don’t like that.
And I no longer have an audience to perform to.

It is too much loneliness, isolation and heartbreak for a 15-year-old boy to take…
So, I reach a breaking point.

One afternoon, I get into a heated argument with my math teacher.
We’re on the top floor of the building…
And in front of all my classmates, I make my way to the open window and I climb onto the ledge.
But a female classmate intervenes, and I never take that plunge to my death. ”

“Oh, my goodness, Khush. You had someone looking out for you that day!”

“Yes, Oprah. That’s right.
Here’s the freakiest part of that story…
The girl who intervened and saved my life that day?

Her name…
Is literally…

But you eventually did smarten up, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did.
You see, soon thereafter, I start to realize that I have WAAAY too much time on my hands.
So I decide to get involved with various activities.
In fact, over the subsequent years, I get involved in no less than 13 different extracurricular activities at school.
Oprah, I had completely rehabilitated my reputation in that school.
By the time I graduated, I had become a leader and a mentor.
I was given an award that was second-best to Valedictorian…
And I was recognized by the Government Of Canada for my contributions to my school and my community.”

“So now you finally graduate from high school and you’re about to enter university.
But this isn’t the end of your struggles, is it?”

“(Laughs) No, not at all, Oprah!”

“Hold that thought, because we have to cut to commercials.
Stay right there and when we come back…
Khush puts himself into a position, where EVERYTHING changes!”

And we’re sitting down with Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Multifaceted man, Khush Panthaky.
So, Khush…
You go through a lot of turmoil over the course of just 9 months, including almost losing your life several times.
You don’t have the easiest time in university, but you eventually graduate with a degree in Radio & Television.
You parlay that degree into a 16-year career in television.
But during this time, your life was full of depression, frustration and massive weight gain…”

“289 pounds of depressive fat, Oprah!”

“WOW! Please tell me your secrets!
Because look at you know!
Ladies, is this a beautiful man, or what?
So you spend 16 years behind and in front of the camera.
But that all comes to an end one day.”

“That’s correct, Oprah.
But before that, I have to preface that part of the story with this…
For years, my sister had been trying to get me to do a particular personal development and leadership program.
I finally do it and I have a massive breakthrough!

And, six months after I graduate from the program, my boss calls me in to tell me he’s laying me off.
And I smile.
Because I had been wanting to get out there for YEARS, Oprah.
I just didn’t have the inner strength to do so myself.”

“You know, Khush, I always tell people that sometimes, the universe knows that there is something bigger and better that you need to do and it always pushes you towards it.”

“Oh, absolutely, Oprah! You’re so right!
So I decide to continue taking courses and workshops and seminars.
And on the day I was laid off, I had just completed my fourth or fifth seminar.
So I was prepared for the layoff announcement.
And as I continue my job search, I continue to take more courses and seminars…
Because I want to stay in an empowered state.”

“Of course!”

“Eventually, I meet a coach in one of those programs.
She’s very well put-together and looks like she’s got something going on.
So, I ask her what she does.
She informs me that she’s got a business.
Next thing I know, she introduces me to her mentor…
And we all start working together.”

“But even with mentorship and friendship, you struggle.”

“Correct. There was something that was blocking me from having the success I desired.
Along the way, I go broke…
I incur extreme debt.
I get evicted…
I become homeless…
And I sleep next to a pile of garbage.
Because, Oprah, I had created a self-image of garbage.”


“Eventually those two mentors leave the company and I find myself on my own.

I continue to build my own business within a business.

But I’m still hungry for growth.
I build a large library of reading and audio materials.
I take several more courses along the way.
And reprogram my subconscious mind through a program called The Master Key Experience.

And I start to grow a team.

That team eventually turns into an organization.

And that organization turns into a massive, multimillion dollar global business empire.”

“And you’ve since built other businesses along the way?”

“Correct. Because when you earn massive amounts of Residual Income, you can parlay that income into several different income-producing assets.

But Oprah, it’s not enough to simply have lots of money.
You’ve got to do something valuable with it, as you know.
I mean, you’re the Queen of contribution and I admire you so much!”

“Thank you. Please, but that’s not necessary.”

“No, I really mean it, Oprah. You’re such an inspiration!
So, taking the accumulated wealth of personal development I had gone through in my life, I decide I want to bring it to the masses.
But not in the form of being some sort of guru.
I want get down to the fundamental basics.

So I’m teaching elementary school age children and teenagers all over the world about the Law Of Success, as compiled by Napoleon Hill…
And the Master Key System, as described by Charles Haanel.

It’s a full-fledged year-long program.

We teach these kids how to become contributors, how to become leaders, and how to become entrepreneurs.
Oprah, these course are led by people who have actually LIVE the principles of a successful life, day in and day out.

And we even have several well-known global entrepreneurs taking part.
At the end of each semester, we have one of them come in to help inspire the kids, provide guidance and encourage them for the upcoming semester.”

“Please! Don’t leave us in suspense, Mister Panthaky!
Who are some of these guest entrepreneurs?”

“We have all six Sharks from Shark Tank…

Sir Richard Branson…

In India, Ratan Tata of the Tata Group and Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries…

Carlos Slim, Sofia Vergara for Latin America…

We also have entrepreneurs who became successful in other fields
Jay Z…
Alex Rodriguez…
And several others.

And we’re in talks with your people to get YOU to speak with our cohorts!”

“I was wondering when you’d ask me!”

“You know, Oprah. It’s more than simply teach and learn.
We are getting these kids involved in creating companies, products and services that fill a need.

We also get them to network with one other from different marketplaces from around the world so they can create a global Mastermind Alliance of like-minded young thinkers.

And once they complete the program and become successful young entrepreneurs themselves, they agree to mentor groups of students in our course to become better human beings themselves.”

“Khush, I can’t tell you how moved I am right now.
How many countries is your program currently in?”

“Oprah, at the moment, we are in 27 countries on 5 continents.
We’re currently on our Latin American expansion phase.
And over the next 5 years we are expanding into Africa, as well!”

“This is such an incredible initiative and one that’s much needed.
You’re literally developing the collective thinking of the world to a mindset of Responsibility and Leadership!
Please come back.
We’d love to know more about the massive impact you’re having for generations to come!

Khush Panthaky, ladies and genleman!!!”

Meet Khush Panthaky

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