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A quiet entrepreneur interviewed by Malcolm Gladwell at Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa 20 April 2030

Who would have thought that such a sophisticated author would be interviewing a quiet entrepreneur from Beautiful British Columbia. He wanted to interview a person who not only helped others but also was successful in life. Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa is her favorite place to be when not making a difference in the world whether giving money or time to her favorite causes. Believing in helping others really made a difference in life and that ripple effect has helped so many people over time. This reminds her every day of what is important. A great analogy is from a course she took many, many years ago where the instructor used a very powerful exercise. One person had one candle lit and used that one to light two candles. The two candles lit two each and it went from there until the entire room was an ocean of lit candles. One person can make a difference and affect many people’s lives without even realizing. The ripple effects can extensive.

So, why interviewing this quiet person?

Meet Suzette Willems

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  • Thank you, Suzette, for sharing this beautiful analogy of the ripple effects of the lit candles just like how you are shining though who you are!

  • The suspense is amazing….I want to know Why? Do tell!!! I look forward to the part II and or continuation of this amazing/thrilling press release.

  • I love the ripple candle effect you created – imagining you being that person 🙂

  • What goes around, comes around in greater measure, Suzette. Thanks for being a light in so many lives! 🙂

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