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Here at Fine Wood Workers Magazine, we celebrate creative successful people and their businesses. Laguna Custom Furniture and Home Restoration has an amazing business model ran by Scott Hall a driven individual with creative ambition.

The backbone of the business is in restoring homes after tragedy strikes. After a remediation team cleans a home from a flood, leak, or fire Scott and his team of specialists restore the home back to or often better than its original state. This is a business helps people in times of need and is recession proof. The comfort and safety of the homeowner comes first.

Laguna Custom Furniture and Restoration also has a knitch. Scott has a love for wood working and an artistic side that needs releases. The custom furniture installations he designs are elegant, modern, and functional. Scott loves going into a home interviewing its owners to find their tastes and needs. He then designs built in furniture custom for every home and induvial. The incorporation of function and art is astounding!

In large letters just inside of Laguna Custom Furniture and Restoration headquarters says, “Give More Get More”. Give more get more is the company Mato. Not only does this apply in how they treat their customers but also how the employees are treated. Laguna custom Furniture and Home Renovation is a company based on the principles of helping people and that including their own.

Scott is married to an amazing individual Dr. Christina Hall who is equally ambitious is her field of therapy and very successful. Together they are raising a family in the beautiful town Laguna beach in Sothern California. Together this amazing power couple as an amazing family and are leaders in their community.

Meet Scott Hall

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  • Scott this is wonderful! Great job, I really enjoyed reading this!!! I look forward to seeing some of your creations.

  • Hi Scott, what a creative business and what a life, with raising a family in Laguna and being leaders in your community and truly “giving more and getting more”.

  • I can tell, Scott, you’ve really found your DMP backed by none other than the Law of Compensation, which we have been asked to read. You are already a success! 🙂

  • Sounds like a great business, and the the ‘give more, get more’ motto is a nice touch. Good job with your press release Scott.

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