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Robin Roberts reporting from Congo. We have come to meet the legend that has turned so many lives around in this country. As we drove to his compound, I couldn’t stop wondering if everything I have heard and now I am seeing could have happened so fast as it is said. Villages have been transformed into decent small towns. There are farms all over the road. Roads are well maintained and clean. The place where hunger dominated is now plenty of food and happiness has taken over.

Everywhere people seem happy and in good health. Schools are built and still being built. As we pass the market, we notice a white building different from everything else. We were told that it was used to help people from around the world learn how to use the power within. According to the people I talked to, the whole thing started after Aubin attended the master key system. From there everything changed for him. He became a money magnet and took to heart to help as many people as possible find their own path.

He now travels the world sharing his passion and speaking to thousands about his journey. He was even seen in Australia on stage with big names in self development.

When we reached his residence, I could not believe how humble the man was. You could not tell you were in the presence of a multi-millionaire person. There was something magical around him. Power could be felt, he was reflecting such confidence that it was impossible not to trust him. Everyone was listening to his words though he didn’t speak a lot.

The only thing that shows how wealthy the man is is the house: a magnificent 5 bedroom open concept with a big backyard built beside a lake. According to reports, he sold his company for millions and now he is using his money and time to help those less fortunate all over the world get on their feet.

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  • Thank you Aubin for sharing, “He became a money magnet and took to heart to help as many people as possible find their own path.”

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