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Bill Moyers:
Thanks you for being with us today, MJ, Let’s begin by sharing a bit of your background and what prompted you to begin your path.

Thank you for having me on your program, Bill. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my story with other people, because I think the more people who can hear this message, the more inspiration and happiness we can create here on planet earth.

It’s so fitting that you’re interviewing me, because I have long held the idea that my life is a series of Hero’s Journeys. I’m reminded of those wonderful interviews you did with Joseph Campbell at George Lucas’ ranch, which is just around the corner from where I live. I’ve actually been in the same room where you held those interviews, and my great Uncle was Joseph Campbell’s mentor when he was a young student at Columbia University. So, there are alot of connections that have brought us to this moment – connections which are not co-incidences, but which form the fabric of our lives.

About my background – I grew up in New York City. My mother was a nurse and my father was an entrepreneur. My great-uncle, Campbell’s mentor, was one of the people who started the American Museum of Natural History in New York. He had retired to upstate New York, however he would stay with us while writing a book on Evolution and using the Museum’s library. My father was an avid reader and student of art. So, I had strong intellectual influences in my environment, along with a strong influence of caring for others with my mother. I also went to a Friends school, which powerfully influenced my desire to care for others peacefully. Spiritually, my mother was raised as a high episcopalian, my father was raised as an orthodox jew, and I went to a Quaker school. So you might say that I saw the power of spirituality expressed diversly. I was a serious student of ballet and performed onstage as a child, which gave me the gifts of discipline and familiarity of being in front of many people, as well as a love for creativity and doing things above the ordinary. These were all early threads that began to weave the fabric of my life.

After college, I stepped out on my hero’s journey of adulthood. I was adrift for a while, trying out different jobs interspersed with a nice long trip to Europe. Though I had begun spiritual studies on my own in college, I was still looking outside for fulfillment. Then, one day, when I was working as a social worker for a hospital, I saw there was a huge need to provide encouragement for people who faced cancer. That started me on my path of helping others reclaim and preserve their health and wellbeing on all levels, not just physical.

What happened next on your journey to success?

Dr. Campbell encouraged us to follow our bliss and, when we do, the heavens open up all sorts of opportunities and blessings to us. If there is one sentence that describes my success, that would be the one!

I did not arrive there instantly, however. Nor did I arrive there unscathed from disappointments, frustrations, anger, apathy, and discouragement. But somehow, through it all, I got in touch with the fact that helping others warmed my heart, and that I felt inspired and energized by extending my knowledge and my heart to others. In retrospect, I’d say that was my bliss. And every time I deviated from that path, things just went badly.

So, you’re on your path, encountering obstacles amid successes. What would you say contributed to your achieving the success of your dreams?

As I mentioned earlier, I studied many spiritual works and teachers from a young age. Note I said Studied. I was like the person who read all the books about swimming and never jumped in the water! In order to apply what I knew so well from all that studying, I had to overcome my mental bias of ” I know that already.” When I finally realized that in order to outpicture a result, I had to transfer my knowledge from my brain to my heart, and transform that energy from knowledge to emotional experience, I began to attract all kinds of threads that led to my tapestry of success. And that success was not just financial – perhaps the greatest success I experienced was the ability to touch the inner peace that transcends mind and body.

These days, I’m following my bliss by sharing what I’ve experienced with others in the hope that my words can inspire people to greatness. Who knows? There may be a book in my future, too!

Thank you for spending some time with us today.

You’re most welcome, Bill. Thank you for the opportunity.

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  • Inspiring Press Release MJ!!
    Attracting all kinds of threads that lead to our tapestry of a life full of bliss. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Great interview, Mary! I like the part where you ” had to transfer my knowledge from my brain to my heart and transform that energy from knowledge to emotional experience.” It is so true that once we get it out of our brains, it becomes a living part of us.

  • Great press release about your series of Hero’s journeys! And truly an interesting background you have that has led you to your manifested ideal life.

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