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Homestead of Hope
By Donna Johnson, reporter with the Glory Times.

It’s easy to see what draws her to this place. As I look out of the large picture window in the modern farmhouse kitchen in Celina, Texas that overlooks the fog drifting softly upward off the large, expansive pond as the sun peaks over the horizon, I have a sense of peace and contentment.

It seems the horses and goats that sleepily graze in the field just behind the house feel that peace as well. There’s a soft breeze coming through the windows, refreshing my skin after our brisk walk around the farm.

Teresa Rose, a National Vice President with a Health and Wellness company invited me to join her at sunrise this morning to her 10-acre Homestead so that I could get a sense of what brought her here. As she hands me a a cup of coffee, she sits down next to me, looks out the window and smiles.

I can see a tear forming in the corner of her eye. “This all started when I began to live in a constant state of belief and courage. I learned to live in a place of abundance instead of scarcity. “I have seen this place in my mind for many years and this is exactly how I pictured it”, she says.

Her face lights up as she tells me of all the memories that have been made here already. “My grandchildren love to visit this place! They are enthralled with those silly chickens that run all over creation” she says laughing softly to herself. “They are even getting used to riding the pony we bought
for them this year”.

She radiates contentment as she tells me stories of how she is teaching them to garden, growing an abundance food for their family and enough to share with those less fortunate in the area, “They love going with me to drop off boxes at the food pantry”, she muses. “One of my favorite things to do is to sit and read with them on the front porch that overlooks the pond. They are always asking to cook or do a craft or two as well They bring my heart so much joy”.

She and her husband are both retired and truly enjoy living a missional life. She tells me how thrilled she was on the day she bought him his 22’ Honda Ridgeline truck. “He is in his happy place in that truck. He really loves dinking around on the farm”, she says. They hold weekly prayer meetings
and bible studies.

The small church congregation they lead is growing so fast that now they must meet in their large red barn. They enjoy training up others to lead in the same way. They have even started some weekend training courses on leadership. Some of their grown children are serving with them as well.

Teresa carries her years well and as I’m struggling to keep up with her on our tour of the house. As we walk up to the second floor I ask her. “You seem to be thriving in health”, how did this passion of yours begin?”

She comes alive as she shares how she learned to take charge of her health and teach others to do the same. “When I started my business, I saw that people in this world were getting sicker by the day”, she says, “I wanted to have a platform to share the wealth of health with others.

It grew into so much more. I also was able to give them the gift of the health of wealth. Now she has hundreds of like-minded people in her business that are growing and thriving with more being added by the day. They hold weekly meetings in various homes in the area, including hers.

Occasionally, she goes to speak to other teams in the US and around the world. She really enjoys the thrill of seeing people step into their greatness. She says it’s what she was made for.

She loves serving others and her greatest treasure is her family time. “My children and their families come over on Sunday afternoons for games and a homecooked meal. I really love cooking for them, and they love eating!” she says laughing. “The love we share among us a true miracle of God’s kindness towards us.

He has taught us to walk in humility, forgiveness, and grace, deeply preferring one another,” she says. “My children have learned once again to enjoy one another so much. When they are together there is sunshine in their eyes. They often sit around the table, telling stories and laughing until they fall on the floor. It’s so much fun!

The cousins are growing up to be great friends and building memories that will last a lifetime. I am living the life I’ve seen in my dreams. It doesn’t get any better than this”.

And I believe her.

Meet Teresa Rose

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  • Learning to come from a place of abundance rather than scarcity or lack is a major understanding necessary, Teresa, to create the kind of person you’re turning out to be! 🙂

  • I love this … “…My children have learned once again to enjoy one another so much. When they are together there is sunshine in their eyes. They often sit around the table, telling stories and laughing until they fall on the floor. It’s so much fun!”… cheering you on and imagining you living your beautiful dream 🙂

  • Teresa, this place sounds like a true slice of heaven. Wishing you all the best in pursuing it!

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