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Dreaming of Adventure: Sailing that brings siblings families together

It was inevitable that the brother and sister combination was eventually going to do something big together. It all started as children whether it be sledding down the treacherous road to Kelley’s Lake, or as teenagers canoeing the BWCA(Boundary Waters Canoe Area), or as adults taking their own children on a canoe trip down the Elk and Thelon rivers in remote parts of the Canadian Arctic, Chris(60) and Heather(56) were compelled to do something bigger.

Heather remembers the conversation as it was yesterday asking her brother, “You have a great life but are you going to be happy waking up to the same scene looking out on the same bay of Lake Minnetonka everyday for the rest of your life?” That was all he needed for the fuel to ignite the next big dream.

After losing their father(Ron 76) in 2017, they always knew that they never wanted to leave this world without fulfilling their adventurous spirits which he passionately passed down to them. Although he got to go to Alaska for his honeymoon, go across the country on a bicycle, and do some sailing of his own, he never he never got to do his biggest dream which was to sail around the world.

Heather having a small amount of sailing experience as a kid and growing up near a sailing community our whole life never in their wildest dreams ever thought they would be sailing themselves. It seemed like the next best adventure. The door opened and we stepped in with both feet.

It is October 10th, 2027, just about exactly ten years later from their fathers death as they set off on their Bali 5.4 ready to go wherever the winds take them. With some smaller trips under their belts learning through the chartering experience, they were ready to take the plunge and take the helm themselves.

First stop is the Caribbean Islands and then Iceland, Scandinavia, Croatia, and eventually the southern hemisphere. Their plan is to sail for at least 10 years to circumvent the globe. They have planned to invite family members as they are able so chose the Bali model 5.4 with an ability to sleep up to 12 people.

The name of the boat “Car pe diem” seemed appropriate since this is our time to shine and share with the people we love that dreams are possible. The opportunity to bring family together is one of the greatest treasures in life and what better way to do it than on a sailboat sharing memories together. “When you are sharing a small space together, needing to compromise and solve problems is as much of the experience as is the actual trip and logistics of making it happen.” says Chris.

They look forward to the many joyful experiences ahead. As Heather says “It is all in your attitude in approaching any endeavor in life. What a great thing to teach your kids at any age.”

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  • What an adventure!! Mahalo for sharing this stunning journey of love and success and joy

  • Love this Heather! Your trip sounds amazing and what a wonderful way to keep the family connection.

  • Thanks for sharing the wonderful and exciting vision of sailing the world with family and friends!

  • A great reason and a great way to be with family. Thank you for taking me along your sailing journey.

  • Wow, Heather, this is amazing! I can feel the sea air on my face and feel the wind which powers the sail. Exciting times ahead for sure. Well done.

  • Thank you, Heather “The name of the boat “Car pe diem” seemed appropriate since this is our time to shine and share with the people we love that dreams are possible.”

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