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Breathe Life Into Your Skin With Lynn

BY LLN Staff Writer | October 27, 2022 |

Just one year after the launch of a new line of skincare, Massachusetts resident Lynn Laporte is awarded the rising share award.

Lynn has been passionately sharing the skin solution and is using in her customized facials as an Esthetician in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

“We are excited for the success of this product, and Lynn’s success sharing it” said Director of Product Marketing Brian. “This pushes past the age-old technology of surface level skincare, and instead we expect to give people a strength-defining solution for their skin.”

This solution-based company is known for products that focus on internal transformational health. This new product category, the company will also offer customers a way to approach anti-aging from the outside in.

“We are grateful to our loyal customers for giving us this opportunity to share our success with them,” Today we continue to share our powerful products with the world, opening up the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Lynn has 20 years’ experience in skincare and wellness industry and celebrated her 10 year anniversary as an Esthetician.

Meet Lynn Laporte

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  • Unlike our subconscious, Lynn, your company will soon have two directions working for it. Inside/out and outside/in. That adds up to a win/win! 🙂

  • Nice work with your Press Release Lynn! I bet you feel proud receiving that award in your ideal life!

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