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It was a typical warm and breezy day as I got to chat with Michael Selves on his patio at his home in Panama, where the views were as big as the smile on his face. Michael was just promoted as the newest Senior National Sales Director (SNSD) in his company on December 15th, 2025 and was just settling in on exactly what this all meant.

When I asked Michael what it felt like he responded with a tear in his eye and responded “I never thought this adventure would have been so amazing and overwhelming. If it wasn’t for a life changing event with Mark J, Davene and the Master Key Team Alliance in September 2022, none of this would have happened.”

Asking a further explanation of what the Master Key was all about, there were just smiles. Living with a life of intention and making a plan seemed as foreign to me as this crazy and carefree Canadian living in Panama, but I was intrigued to learn more of how this all worked.

“It certainly did not start like this, as I was frustrated and rudderless, just drifting aimlessly. The Master Key System got me to think not about where I was, not that that wasn’t important as it gave me a place to start, but how to think about where I wanted to go. With this as the focus, life became much easier.”

This is where Michael explained that his goals and dreams were not limited to what he could do, but only limited by his belief in his thinking. As he talked about his Definite Major Purpose in life, you could see his excitement is sharing of what happened. This custom built villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the income and money in the bank as well as being a SNSD were all he thought about. Morning, noon and night, Michael visualized, told himself daily about his success, living a life with purpose not focused about the how to achieve these goals, and his daily sits in silence all led him to today. When I asked about not focused on the ‘how to achieve these goals,’ he simply smiled and said “Give more, Get more.” And over the last few years Michael saw his business grow and found the freedom of time and wealth that he had been looking for years.

As he explained more about the power thought, how the world has a wonderful nature of balance like the tides, and with the belief that great things will happened, he was able to detach from the levels of goals and achievements and concentrate on what mattered most, like going out to network, meeting and talking to people where opportunities seemed to show up from nowhere, when he would have really liked to stay at home. It was the power of this vision, this patio and view that got Michael up and out of the house. He said that it wasn’t without difficulty, but most of his growth came from him learning about himself, building a new operation plan and sharing of ideas with his Master Key System alliance. Michael also said practice was a large part of the system, where you start with small steps and grow daily. After that, hard work would be needed.

With our time growing short, I asked Michael if there was anything else that he would like to add that I had not asked at this time. Michael had a simple answer. “Barack, life is not this or that, but it is a wonderful place where you can have both, where you can make your vision a reality, if you are willing to learn. If you are ready to take your place of greatness, make a difference in you world, I suggest you grow yourself first. And Mark J and Davene and Master Key Experience can help everyone, who is willing to learn and apply themselves to the system. The world is waiting for you to accept the challenge, Barack. Will you?”

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  • What a great read Michael. Your future is so bright there is no need to choose “this or that”.

  • I read your Press Release with a happy smile, because your enthusiasm together with the details in present tense made the Press Release very vivid and I felt happy for you like it was happening today.

  • Michael, “life is not this or that, but it is a wonderful place where you can have both, where you can make your vision a reality if you are willing to learn.” Thank you

  • Thanks for this look into the future, Michael, making it seem as if happening today! 🙂

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