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Hi, Steve Harvey here with you today inside of Let’s Leave a Legacy with Donna Johnson. It’s spectacular. To see the children’s smiles while they participate in the after school programs in the theater, they are preparing for a play as they work with the professional dancers and actors who volunteer their time. Their’s a bowling alley, because Donna believes that bowling can take them far. Basketball ball courts. They have this great food shelf to share with the community. The children in the Montessori preschool are beautiful. The children outside are running around the track preparing for a track meet. The class rooms are filled with activities like tutoring, they are learning to sew and the garments are lavish. Her office spaces are an humming with busy bees. There is activities going inside every room I pass.

Did I mention the great vaulted ceiling as I walked into the foyer, the elaborate designs on the floor and children’s artwork on the walls; they are so artistic and creative. I feel such a sense of comradery, warmth and joy inside of this building. You should see the smile on her face and her trying to hold back the tears as she gives me the tour.

I am so amazed at what she was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. She developed partnerships with other non-profits throughout the city’s developing programs for children so that they have a safe place to go after school.

While in her office, she pulled her book out and proudly share photos of children whose lives were changed because they were awarded scholarships. Some of these children were first-generation college students and they have gone out and changed their worlds. The little ones who got scholarships for private school who started in the Montessori preschool.

She even shares that Donna and the Twelve Alchemist is housed in the building. They are a partnership of like minded individuals who help each other towards successful entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She used herself as the prototype. She partnered with the Master Key Experience an obtained true health.
She raised funds and donated to Seward Montessori, PCYC, Project for Pride in Living, River of Life, Victory in the Truth, McKnight Foundation and so many more. All the organizations that gave her a hand up, she gave back. She believes that we don’t make it where we are on our own and due to her great gratitude she keeps giving back.

What an amazing opportunity to sit with her today!

Meet Donna Johnson

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  • Yes, indeed, I am very inspired and encouraged by Donna’s authenticity and beautiful heart!

  • It is my privilege to know Ms. Donna as well to see her grown and continue her faith, be kind and loving all around. What amazing work is doing and continues to do so!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your amazing press release! The future you are creating for the children is inspirational!

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