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LoriAnn Toplak as interviewed by the local newspaper.

The smaller town of Fergus, Ontario had a new family move in last year. Alex, LoriAnn and their 2 kids (meow) Daisy and Tyson said ‘no-more’ to the hustle and bustle of the city. They traded in traffic jams to slow moving tractors and Mennonite buggies.

LoriAnn seems to love every part of the town and says “The people are wonderful and there is always something to do. There are fairs, parades, events, theatre, celebrations, trails and more!!”

Walking into their beautiful home, I immediately noticed the games – ping pong, foosball, a basketball arcade game, darts … boy this family loves to have fun. And talk about interesting. With only the 4 of them in the large house, the extra bedrooms are used to suit their lifestyle – an office, a gym and a calming yoga room which overlooks the private yard and trees.

As for a career, LoriAnn has always worked for herself. She owned her own travelling Massage Therapy business way back before it was cool to get a massage. After 17 years, she sold her database and ventured down a new and exciting path.

Now days, as the top real estate broker in town, her days are filled with client meetings, showings, prospecting and negotiations. She is always meeting new people and adding to her database. It is definitely apparent as her phone kept beeping and ringing during our interview. She is one busy gal, however LoriAnn stated one very important detail “I am at a point where I decide which clients I want to work with. This alone makes my career enjoyable and I look forward to every day.”

As if not busy enough, LoriAnn has another past time which is stock options trading. In LoriAnn’s words “I love trading and I follow the market closely every day. I have extra training sessions twice a week to keep me up to date.”

LoriAnn may be busy, however she seems to have a nice balance between work and play. She sure seems to live life on her own terms.

Meet Loriann Toplak

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  • Congratulations to your press release, Loriann! You have pictured your ideal life so vividly so I can see it in front of my own eyes.

  • The “Road Less Traveled,” Loriann, was created for self-directed thinkers. It sounds as if you’ve taken that path to future success. Good for you! 🙂

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