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Press Release, Liberty and Legacy

This is Bree Clark from the Colombian, here with Terri Brewer, owner of Back to Origin Water. We are sitting here at the beautiful new Hilton Hotel on the waterfront here in Vancouver at Esther Shore Park on this brisk very sunny December.

So Terri, tell us about all the excitement that’s going on at the hotel today. I know Boss Babes is having their 3-day convention and I think you were one of their speakers, am I right? Can you tell us a little bit about Boss Babes and all the excitement that’s happening for Back to Origin Water?

Sure Bree. Boss Babes is the national networking woman’s organization that promotes and supports women entrepreneurs. They have a large established chapter in the Vancouver area; that is why they decided to have their National Convention here. We were very excited to host the event and promote the “OUR” chapter’s women entrepreneurs. And yes, I was one of their speakers today. Specifically, my topic was talking about women starting over, I call it their 2nd career.

Terri, explain what do you mean when you say, “starting over?”

One thing we found, is that many women sacrifice a career or business desire to start a family. When kids are younger and they do not want to take the financial risk necessary to venture out on one’s own. Many women stay in a career because they are good at it, and many have lost their passion. Me, I was a stay-at-home mom for over 32 years. Never had a career let alone a business. After my husband died, I was forced to start over. I called this my second career. There are many women who have worked at positions, maybe in the corporate world, and after their kids are grown and are able to retire or at least become semi-retired, they feel a little more freedom to pursue the opportunity they have been dreaming about for years. Now they are able to put their dreams into reality.

So Terri, before we move on anymore will you please tell us about your business Back to Origin Water? What is that? Is it bottled water? A water service?

Thank you for asking. Back to Origin Water LLC is what I named the company I started years ago. Through it I market a medical-grade ionizer from Japan that creates the healthiest, most energizing water. The water is filled with antioxidants and hydrogen ions; it hydrates 6 X faster and has an alkaline pH. All this is done on electricity so there’s no chemical residue. This water creates the most amazing internal environment inside your body so that your body is able to heal itself. My hope is that more people drink this water, and begin to think about prevention rather than take the “quick fix.” That way your body will be able to heal itself. Imagine getting healthier the older you get?

Well Terry I heard there was something very special happening for you and Back to Origin Water tonight, can you tell us a little more about that.

I would love to! For the last two years, I have been working to create partnerships with other business owners that focus on helping their clients or patients to get healthier. I’m partnering with these alternative health professionals, Gym owners, Jujitsu or Martial Arts Owners, few Wellness centers and I even have a couple of retirement organizations for seniors involved. What I do is we install our machines, educate people about the importance of hydration, and start people maximizing every area of their health. We make it fun by; we have contests, group competitions, and education. As a result, we build community; physical health, and mental health at the same time.

What is exciting about tonight is we are having a big party at the penthouse here at the Hilton. My business team, business affiliates, the support team of Back to Origin Water, and then my immediate family, kids, and grandkids are all coming up for a party. We will be watching the Christmas ships go up and down the Columbia, there will be a lot of food, and drinks and I’m going to be making Our BIG announcement. On January 2nd, we’re going to be starting the biggest “Get Healthy, Get Hydrated” competition ever! For 1-month teams are in a hydration contest. Each team will have 6-8 people. Each business can enter as many teams as they want to. At the end of the 30 days, one team will be rewarded a $10,000 prize $5K going to the team members, and the other $5K going to their sponsoring business. It will be a great, fun way to kick off the 2026 new year. Everyone will be drinking a lot of healthy Kangen water and having fun doing it. The deadline for entry is December 15th. So far, we have 35 teams registered but we’re looking for at least 5 more. We need to get the word out. “I can count on you to help up do that, right Bree?”

Absolutely! Well, Terri, I need to head out, See you later, I’m excited about the party tonight!

See you soon!

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  • YES TERRI!!!!!!
    This is incredible! I have all the feels reading this. You really did a fabulous job on it! <3

  • With people getting more and more conscious of the relationship between water and health, Terri, the timing of your business ideas couldn’t be better! 🙂

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