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Vandolyn is being interviewed on a warm spring day on May 28th 2029 by Whoopi Goldberg about how she achieved her life of bliss.

First of all Vandolyn, I would like to thank you for inviting me to your beautiful oceanfront home. That view of the sun setting over the Gulf is amazing! I bet you and your hubby have such a peaceful time enjoying this view! (Whoopi says as she smiles showing all of her teeth).

Oh yes! Thank you! We make it a routine to catch the sunset during dinner. (I reply as I glance at my hubby sitting at the island in the kitchen enjoying a beer looking out at the sunset). It is so peaceful and relaxing! I always dreamed of living on the beach and I am so grateful to be able to kiss this dream in the mouth! Oh yeah? You always dreamed of having an oceanfront home on the beach and now you are living this dream, this is interesting because a lot of people have dreams and desires that they never realize, it remains a dream. How did you make this dream come true? (Whoopi asks as she takes a sip of her sparkling apple cider).

Oh yeah girl let me tell you something. “It all started in my mind”. Back in 2022 I took a course called the Masterkey Experience. Oh! What is that all about? Whoopi asks curiously with an interested look on her face. It’s a beautiful course that teaches us how to become self-direced and how not to continue to fall victim to all of the B.S. that society tries to place on us. It teaches us to live in our true purpose. Now I had taken the course before, loved it but I wasn’t living what was taught. What do you mean by that, asked Whoopi. See intellectually I knew that the dominating thoughts of my mind would create my reality, however I just couldn’t internalize and really live that principle. I kept allowing my ego to get the best of me BUT I never forgot the course. I was actually led to take the course again in 2022 and it was like something finally clicked! Oh really? Why do you believe it clicked for you this time around? What was different? Whoopi wanted to know as she leaned forward in her chair. Glad you asked, I actually did an inventory of my life as it was at the present moment. I noticed that I had splintered results. I was living in a brand new home that we had built from the ground up. I was a full time entrepreneur, our kids were thriving in life and I was able to purchase organic groceries on a regular basis. I remembered that these were some of the things that I had written and read everyday from my DMP that was created my first time taking the course. The splintered part was that our money would look a little shaky at times and we we would have to move and tread lightly. Ohhhh so you believe that you previously were setting splintered intentions? (Whoopi asked). Exactly! So I made a conscious effort to internalize the principles and really think on the things that I desired to happen. The negative thoughts had no place in my life. O wow, that’s great, you started to really live like your thoughts mattered!

So what did you notice that showed up first to solidify that you were on the right path? Girl, I started ramping up my meditation and really being intentional about that practice daily, it was non-negotiable. I also started getting weekly massage and spa treatments which helped me to be in a state of zen all of the time. I started noticing that things that I used to get up in arms about were a distant memory. Then when I started experiencing consistent $10,000 plus months in business, I knew that it was on and popping baby! (Laugter ensues) On and popping huh? Yep! Then for my birthday in February 2023 we purchased my 2023 Yukon Denali and we got that bad boy for a steal! I mean we didn’t have to pay half as much as the sticker price! I was too thrilled but wasn’t shocked because I had already been thinking about it in just that way! Oh, so you made sure that you didn’t have to break the bank to get exactly what you wanted? That’s right.

Then later that year in June 2023 I started receiving money from multiple sources consistently. I even got to the point of hiring a chef to prepare healthy vegan meals for us on a monthly basis because who has time to be doing all of that cooking? Hah, so you started living a holistic vegan lifestyle? (Whoopi) I did, because I wanted to feel and look my best while educating and empowering women across the country about improving their finances while living their best life! Empowering women across the country? Tell me more about that! (Whoop says)

I am a financial professional by trade helping educate people on the power of Life Insurance while living. See many people don’t know that Life Insurance can be used to achieve wealth while living with a children’s college fund, retirement savings, business savings, etc. So I helped women realize their financial dreams but also incorporated the principles that I used to kiss my dreams in the mouth! Before January 2023 I started sharing these concepts with other women so that they could live out their dreams and desires. Oh! So were you doing this virtually? I actually did both! Travelling to places that were more than an 8 hour drive away was no longer an obstacle because I could now afford to take first class flights to anywhere that I desired. Why were first class flights important? (Whoopi). Honey I was afraid of flying on an airplane! I had anxiety about being bundled up on a row with people and always felt that if I could get in a little cocoon and relax while flying, the anxiety would be no more! Oh, that’s funny! But I feel ya, first class flights are the bomb! (Whoopi)

Well Vandolyn this has been lovely talking wo you in your beautiful oceanfront home about your beautiful life! Now I’m hungry! Let’s eat some dinner and catch the remainder of the sunset if you don’t mind! Yes, of course, thank you. ( We prepare to eat a fresh steamy bowl of butternut squash soup with fried oyster mushroom wings)

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  • Yes, Vandolyn, thoughts really do matter. It was good you were able to recognize how you were allowing the opinions of others to influence you. Great Press Release! 🙂

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