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Founder of Resilient Mama Movement was interviewed by Lisa Garr in the local hotel in Boulder Colorado this past weekend.

Lisa Garr is an amazing show host on Gaia TV. She is also the host of Aware Show podcast and the author of the book, Becoming Aware, not to mention a mom of a daughter whom she adores.

Laura has followed her work on Gaia TV for many years now and have always been intrigued by the wealth of education I have received from the many inspiring guests she has hosted.

So you can imagine her surprise when she was contacted by Lisa’s agent. It seems that Lisa came across Laura’s newest book, The Resilient Mama Movement: How to go from reaction to loving response and experience more peaceful joy in connecting with your Child, and, upon further research, discovered that this movement has taken hold and is creating quite a storm of interest by mothers and other professions who serve children. In addition, Lisa was astonished and pleased to learn of the recent development of the podcast: Resilient Mama Movement. Lisa was excited to meet Laura in a pre-interview meeting.

Lisa’s agent arranged it all. Laura would be in Gaia Studio in Boulder, Colorado for an upcoming event where she would be co-teaching an audience of moms. Since the studio is busy, they met at the amazing location of Hotel Boulderado. It is a beautiful location with amazing food and decor, which Laura loved since she ran a decorating business for years while raising her own children of 4 daughters.’ It is so easy on the eyes” was Laura’s comment to the reporter.

Lisa: Hi Laura, it is such a pleasure to meet you.

Laura: Well, the pleasure is all mine. I have followed your work for years now and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to receive your invitation to meet.

Lisa: Before we start, how about we get a tea?

Laura: That would be excellent. Nice to meet a fellow tea drinker. I find that so many I meet prefer coffee.

The waiter comes with the tea and we select what we want and it is so interesting to note that we both chose a green tea and a cup of water.

Here is a glimpse into the conversation..

Lisa: So Laura, you have been a busy person. I see what you have done over the years with your education and journey being a mom. I am also noticing that you are very focused on the vibrancy of healthy moms who embrace their feminine leadership qualities with true grace.

Laura: Yes, this is true. I have noticed during my own childhood, that moms find themselves under pressure that depletes them of their own energy. Since I was also raised in a turbulent home, it is safe to say that my observation of 2 moms, my biological mom and the mom who raised me, was far from equipped to stand up to the challenges she faced while striving to raise her children and live under challenging circumstances. Witnessing each of their struggles and the way they were handled them was an education. It was very hard on them and on us kids. The culture and the times as well as what was understood about parenting and families in general was in want of refinement. This experience was something that impacted me and my life going forward. I could see that their own situation did not support either of them to be the mom that they wanted to or intended to be. I witnessed the frustration that was felt by these woman and this had a lasting impact on my life as a mom, going forward.

I just kept thinking that life did not have to be that way. So, I was on a mission to discover what could make the difference…

Lisa: So this is the background of your building the movement?

Laura: Yes, well, there were a lot of things in between. I raised my own 4 daughters and ran a business from home so I could be home for my girls. I was also a stepmom to 2 boys. I was definitely in a codependent relationship with the father of my girls. It was hard and confusing and ended up a learning ground, to sift through it all. I saw the good in their dad, as well as the challenge. SO, my main focus was to show up the best I could and this became my playground, if you will, to learn. And my children were responsible for some of my greatest lessons.

Anyway, what I felt, once my girls were on their own, was that I wanted to offer what I had learned to moms. They are amazing people who are striving to parent in such challenging times, and the breakthrough of the cultural shift is a new and needed experience. Moms today are really pioneers of something new. Realizing this and the expiration of the feminine/masculine energy of leadership became a driving force. Women are born leaders, and embracing these gifts, as i could see, was the path to more peace and harmony into their own souls, and therefore into their children through example. And, so, one day it came to me to build this movement. I did not know what it was to be really, but I jumped in anyway and began with a 21 day interview series of women who were supporting moms in all capacities with the many challenges that face our families today. It was awesome to learn what they were learning as they were serving children and trauma and so much more. They were wonderful people who also understood the support that parents and especially moms need.

These moms are serving the planet as they raise children, and the book is a way to give the information to all, and the programs are to offer a mastermind style support along with education and a practice into femine leadership that can lay a firm foundation in our ever evolving world. Timeless information that has lasted the test of time and are cornerstones that can be depended on no matter what the current situation is.

Lisa: This is all so fascinating Laura, and I am so happy to have found you. I would love to make the invitation to you to come onto the show and let’s spread the word about the work you and your organization are putting out in the world. Our planet is in a diffident transition and after investigating and reading what you are learning, I am so excited to share you with others.

I have another question for you, Laura, why do you want to see this grow? Why is this message so important in your own words?

Laura: Lisa, there will always be challenges. Telling or teaching moms how to fix or regulate behavior is not enough. We are not parenting “our children” we are, as parents, ‘entrusted’ with a sacred commission to raise these children we have been gifted with. Our world has the opportunity to discover core principles and laws that will be the path of learning in a new way. These children are coming to us with their own sacred gifts. Conditioning is not of service to the planet, or to the human family. But in order for us to step up to this commission, we as parents, must open our eyes, step into humility, vulnerability, learn to think, ask questions, to slow it down, sit quietly and hear the messages that are important so that our own buckets are full. That is when we are fully equipped to mentor these precious children and not repeat in a mindless way, what we have experienced. That is when we can serve from a full and overflowing abundance from within. We are warrior moms, we break old patterns in the gentle way and become examples of new ways of being that supports our sacred gift of life.

I could go on and on, but that is the short of it.

Lisa: Well, Laura, this has been a powerful conversation. You certainly have taken on a big and needed mission. And what i think I love most, is that you are offering an empowering platform for moms, that together they can do so much! Thank you for taking some of your time to share these points with me and letting me get to know the woman behind the movement.

Laura: And thank you, Lisa, for your years of service to this same end. Your daughter seems wonderful and I have heard throughout your interviews, your peppering of expanding your parenting journey. I can see how much your relationship with her means to you. It reminds me of my own daughters and the wonderful connection we each share.

As your reporter, I am sitting here, hearing Lisa and Laura speak these words, I am so humbled and grateful. There is such excitement and poise in my heart, to hear the dedication of these two ladies.

I observe them sipping a bit more of their tea, laughing and enjoying there small talk.I am just so at peace in my own heart.

As i am now packing up to leave, I take one more glance over to the two of them, I watch as they stand and embrace. It is so wonderful to meet these ladies in person and to enjoy the lovely women that they are.

We all part ways and off we go. I cherish this memory.
As your reporter, you can be sure that i will be letting you know updates as i receive them.

Your Reporter: L.E. Richardson

Meet Laura Greco

I love being in nature, spending time with children, (my granddaughter), and family and friends. I love deep and meaningful conversations that up level life experience. I am the founder of Full Life Wellness LLC and The Resilient Mama Movement. As a mom of 4 (and more) I am keenly aware of the importance of the parenting experience. My passion is to inspire and empower moms, so that she can mentor her children and, the future of our planet, from her overflow in ‘response' to life and stand in here resilience.

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