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Today is a beautiful day! All of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy and Glory! How Does It Get Better Than This?

This is the way I start every day, by saying the statement above. I have been learning Active Consciousness through Access Consciousness since June, 2022.

I have loved all animals since I was little, and I have loved horses from birth, I’m sure of it! In 2015 I started hearing more and more about horses slaughtered for meat, which I think is just wrong on so many levels, then the more I looked into it, the more I found out about horse slaughter places in Canada and Mexico, and that Live Horses were actually inhumanely loaded onto planes and flown to Japan and Europe for food! Sinse then, I have brought as much awareness of the plight of the wild horses through facebook and other social media sites, signed and shared petitioins to save these beautiful animals,

Horses are hated for some reason by Ranchers worldwide and by people who just for some reason or another despise animals. That is why I decided a long time ago to do what I can to help these beautiful, majestic creatures.

I knew that in order for me to really be of service and help these animals and others, I needed to change my life. I knew, in my heart, things needed to change for me and in April 2021 I was introduced to Mark J, Training Solutions and the Laziest Networker.

I am in Network Marketing, and I knew this was my ticket out of the corporate world, but, I needed help. Some much needed help. So, A friend and business associate, Margaret Baker, sent me some info on a free training through Mark J. The Laziest Networker, back in April 2021. I started taking a few courses through Training Solutions, then, Go90Grow, Think and Grow Rich and…

In September, 2022, I decided to apply for the MKMMA or MKE Scholarship Program, a 28 week Intensive study with exercises, to really dig deep into my psychee and figure out how to ‘get out of my own way’ so to speak, and really live the life I was born to live!

How did I get here? Now, November 2027? You ask? Well, that’s where it started 5 years ago, with the MKMMA Course, I completed the Intense 28 week Course, and while taking the course and working on myself, I implemented the exercises and not just implementing the exercises for the course, but really applying it to my life, my work and my business!

Here I sit, today, it is the 15th of November, 2027 (funny thing, it’s my 60th Birthday today!) My dream of owning a Wild Horse Rescue & Sancturary has come to fruition!

My love for these beutiful animals, my dedication and hard work has come to this!

We are sitting here, on the front veranda of my cottage syle home, looking out over 37,000 acres of wild horse country! My Ranch in The Apache Country of Saint John Arizona, of lush green pasture with patches of beautiful mountain ash trees for the horses to shelter from the sun.

Currently, there are 5 bands of horses living here. A band is a family, usually consisting of a Stallion and his mare, and a few yearling males and several other females and colts. There can be anywhere from 3 to 10 horses or sometimes more in a band. They are family, they watch out for each other and will sometimes event take in a lone horse who may have been kicked out of their band or abandoned.

I have been able to help the Wild Horse advocates here, by bringing awareness to the BLM (Burough of Land Management) and Ranchers in the area that the wild horses are not a threat to the land, the animals or the Ranchers. There is no reason these horses should be rounded up and sent to Mexico or Canada for Slaughter. It is inhumane and just the travel alone is horrendous and stressful to these animals.

Bringing awareness has been a main goal. And, being able to bring these unwanted animals to a safe place has been my greatest accomplishment and I have so much gratitude for the people who have helped bring this into reality.

When starting the MKMMA Course, writing my DMP (Definate Major Purpose) and knowing what I Desired to do, was hard to fathom I could actually do this. I really had to work hard at putting the old BluePrint to bed and believe I could rewrite my Goals and Dreams and make them a reality and not just a pipe dream.

I had to really revise my habits in order to develope a new BluePrint. I did this by sacrificing the ‘time’ concept, not believing I had enough time. See, I sacrificed the ‘time wasters’ television, Netflix, Primeband social media. Anything that did not help me to attain my goals! That included limited time with the negative people in my life, the nay-sayers, the ones who put down everything I was trying to accomplish. I used the 7 day mental diet, in fact I gave people the 7 day mental diet and said, ‘come talk to me when you’ve mastered this!’

It was hard for me, and I feel I’m a pretty positive person! Most just looked at the title and laughed 😅 needless to say, they were on the bottom of my list of contacts.

I had to get a clear mental picture of what I truly desired, and laying a foundation starting with being industrious, building the bridge to my new reality! And doing my daily exercises with enthusiasm!

I needed to sacrifice procrastination, bad habits and distractions.

Procrastination is one of those things that one thinks, ‘well, it can be done tomorrow, or the day after that, which becomes the day after that’ it never gets done, then you think to yourself, ‘if I only did that a week ago, a month ago, a year ago! where would I be now?’ So, why wait, I decided to do it now, and not wait.

Bad Habits, well, that can relate to procrastination, distractions, doing other things than what should actually be done.

So, I thought to myself, ‘I have to treat my business as if I am working for someone else. If I was working for someone else, I would have to make the phone calls, I would have to write that email, because if I was at a job I would have to be doing the work. Or, I wouldn’t have a job!’ So, getting the distractions out of the way

Blocking time to clean the house, or do laundry or other non-business related house hold chores

Playing with the animals, because it’s so much more fun than making business calls, right? Play with the cat because she comes to sit on my keyboard, or take the dog outside. All this can wait for a break, either a 15 minute break or my lunch break

Snacking while working! This is not good, especially if you’re making phone calls, who wants to hear someone eating on the other end of the phone? Not me!

It’s the small things that turn into a whole day of nothing. The distractions, the habits, the procrastinations. All Gone!

I picked up a calendar that has a whole page for one day with the times in blocks. I blocked out the times I am to make phone calls. Then blocked out the times to send emails. Blocked out 15 min breaks and 1 hour for lunch. I made my work days 8 hours, as I would if I was to be going to a J.O.B. but I was working from home. I also got ready as though I was going to work, I had a shower and put on makeup. When I am dressed like I am going to work, then it feels like I am a legitimate employee of my business! Made sense to me, I wouldn’t go to a J.O.B. in my pajamas, so why work in them at home?.

So, at this point I had all the materials and the set up I required to get my business going.

Now, Do It Now!

It took some time to get all the practices into a flow, the first 8 weeks was really hard for me and then something just clicked and everything started to flow, fit together and we’ll, here we are, 5 years later and I’m making more than my set goal of $30,000/month. I make $50,000 a month, and every day, money flows to me with ease, joy and glory. I thank the Universe every day, for this is the Life I was truly meant to live ♡


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  • Wow, Lisa, what a great PR you have written. I knew the wild horses were rounded up, but not that they were shipped off to become food!! That is just plain evil. Horses stand for power and freedom, that is probably why they are targeted. I see this all coming together easily for you and I’d love to come visit. I used to live in New Mexico, have many lovely friends there. Arizona is not far. Best of wishes!! xoxo

  • Looks like you’ve got it all mapped out, Lisa! Thanks for sharing! By the way, it appears you published 3 blogs and this press release one after another. You’ve been busy. Good job catching up! 🙂

  • Thank you Lisa, for sharing about your Hero’s Journey to your life that you truly deserve. Very inspirational Press Release!

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