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Theo “David” Alleyne is a leader among the new wave of socially conscious global network marketers. In his early teen he learned the quote “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.” He applied the quote to his life inconsistently from teenage through his thirties, and when he did he saw results. Then he stopped believing it.

Then nearly a decade went by and he rediscovered the secret of the quote which led to him to becoming a global success story. Recently, Theo was featured in Business For Home, the Network Marketing Magazine, Network Marketing Business Journal, and the International Journal of Online Marketing, for being a top MLM earner as well as his contributions to society. According to NMBJ, there is a MLM leader in almost every country in the world, that is a part of Theo’s global organization.

“I wasn’t always successful,” Theo Alleyne stated. “I failed miserably at network marketing in the 1990’s and swore that I would never be part of a network marketing company again. The pandemic changed a lot, and I am okay with the fact that I broke that promise to myself”, Theo added.

After being encouraged by his wife to join a health and wellness company, Theo started to find success, when he literally focused on helping others succeed.

Theo distinguished his form of helping from what is common in the industry – the speeches, pep talks, phone calls. He stated that his type of help involves literally “putting your money where you mouth is”, and using his resources to help others achieve their goals. Theo called this concept “Receiving for the sake of sharing”, which he notes is a theme from the Laws of Compensation by Emerson, and is one clear way to demonstrate love for humanity. This led him to his first economic breakthrough.

Through networks and alliances that he built from embracing this novel business philosophy, Theo was able to launch his network of radio and television stations across the English speaking Caribbean. Theo stated, “Some of my partners thought it was a crazy idea to have ‘Good News only’ programming in the media, I was adamant that this service is needed not only in the Caribbean, but across the Globe.”

Clearly, Theo was on to a new trend as consumers flocked to learn about all the positive things that happened in their community. The media network programming also promotes positive thinking and business programs to develop entrepreneurs, and well round self thinkers.

Theo then took on the creating a chain of smart eco-friendly lodges and hotels across the Caribbean. Each property was built using sustainable materials and using local artisanal labor. As Theo holds in person meetings, he has the privilege of staying at his own properties. The Staff is always eager to welcome him back to the properties and to learn what new innovation he would like to launch or introduce at the properties, to wow clients.

I asked Theo how he felt being the Keynote Speaker at Davos on the Public Private Partnership and Community Empowerment Day. Theo noted with a smile, that it was humbling and simultaneously exhilarating experience when you think of his humble beginnings. He noted that the first time he heard of Davos was years ago when stock exchanges would ring their opening bill from Davos. It was the place that leaders would go to communicate their “Big Ideas” how to solve world problems. He stated that his presentation was well received, and he had very positive followup conversations with world leaders at the margins of Davos. In fact, over the next three months, he would be traveling extensively to Africa, South East Asia, South America and the Caribbean to finalize plans for several community development projects. “I am really excited about the work we are doing in South Africa, South Korea, and Papua New Guinea. The results our work in those places will show that entire communities can overcome poverty, without the discovery of fossil fuels,” Theo stated.

When asked for the backstory behind him being featured with his wife on the cover of The Beauty Consultant Magazine, Theo noted it was mostly his wife’s who was responsible for that development, but she tend to disagree. He explained that his wife need good nail salon products for her salon and asked him to help. He came across a particular product brand, which led to them becoming the Caribbean distributors for the products, later expanding to South America and South East Asia. The business focus was not only getting the products in the hands of nail technicians but also empowering nail technicians to because achieve more than they had imaged possible. I take responsibility for the strategy, but my wife is the heart and sole of that business.

The location of the interview was Theo’s South American island family home. The island is renewal energy driven uber connected smart city.  Each building on the island is a replica of an eco lodge or hotel that he owns. The look and feel of everything on the island give the impression that I was on vacation, but I wasn’t; I was only there to interview Mr. Alleyne.

Meeting on the island for the interview allowed me to observe Theo’s close knit family. In a conversation with the children, they were taking about next family vacation planned for Singapore. Unlike most places, everyone had a place that they wanted to experience, after seeing photos or video from Theo’s last trip to the country, prior to the pandemic.

I left the interview with a better appreciation for the journey Theo Alleyne has taken in transforming his life and helping his clients and partners transform as well.

Meet Theo Alleyne

My enterprise focus is on the distribution of beauty, health, and wellness products. In between, I coach and mentor MLM professionals and enthusiasts to succeed beyond the industry stats, and to build strong teams. My passion is helping MLMers have a Total Life Change.

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  • I like how you said you were “ok with breaking that promise to yourself” because your decision to try network marketing again created your new reality. I also love your idea of “Good News Only” programming!

  • ““I failed miserably at network marketing in the 1990’s and swore that I would never be part of a network marketing company again. ” Great press release Theo, thank you for sharing.

  • Wow! Theo! I can totally see it! Cheering you on and praying that your vision to transform our world in all these ways happens sooner than later! Blessings…

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