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Here’s a Mom, that turned her Struggle into a million dollar Success!

Maria Rose, please share with us more about yourself and how you turned your life around! ~ Kelly Clarkson

I’m lying in the grass, looking up at the sky and thinking how beautiful it was, how small I was and wondered if there was anyone else doing and thinking the same thing at that moment. I thought about how hard my Dad worked for the family and grateful that my Mom got to be home with me. I was about 11 or 12. I also thought, I never want to miss a moment of life, I thought about all the people that go to work everyday, they miss all this beauty and peace & won’t see it again until retirement age?, I thought, they would have missed the best times of their lives, so there’s me just lying in the grass, soaking up the sun and watching the clouds form different shapes and I knew right then, my goals in life were to have 100% freedom of time, and I also wanted to be a Mom that could raise my own children.

I got exactly what I wanted! Grew up, got married, had kids, had our own business, and the only thing I had to worry about was which beach I would take the girls to each day. Then it all fell apart, got divorced, a remarriage, and a new baby, and again, things didn’t work out as planned, but with great gratitude, we remain best friends to this day!

Starting over a couple of times was of course challenging, and long story short, I was led to network marketing which was the blessing I never expected! I was always drawn to personal development books and psychology, dabbled with the law of attraction, yet never thought there was truth to that stuff. It was through this direct selling industry, I was led to some incredible leaders in both the industry in my company and outside of my company.

Here is the first key.. I had an intense desire to give my kids what I couldn’t as they were growing up, and it didn’t matter how old they were, I was intent on giving them financial freedom along with my own! Now, A lot of people think direct sales is a get rich quick scheme, it really isn’t, it’s a work your butt off and reach your goals over time, and when you struggle, don’t quit! Working your butt off meant finding my confidence, and your voice, and becoming a leader that can lead others to their own success and when you help others win, so do you!! Looking at who I was, and through the master key program, re-wiring my mind, I was able to overcome all obstacles, find my confidence, my voice and lead a team to success!

It has been the most rewarding business I’ve ever had, (and I have had a few) being able to celebrate others success, and watch them grow to change the course of their lives and then go on to do the same and help even more people win… Man, it becomes addicting! In this world of economic uncertainty, we can help people find certainty and financial freedom so they can fulfill their deepest desires in life. 100% Rewarding!

The Freedom I wanted as a child came to fruition in my 50’s, Now, I give my children anything they want, anything they need, and have paid for many family trips to Europe! I am living in my dream home on the ocean on the Shore in CT, and if the kids want to stay over they all have their rooms. We are living stress free and focusing on making memories that last forever! The waves of the ocean is music to the soul, and the smell of the ocean nourishment for our bodies. I am the founder of Maria Rose Authentic Italian, a sauce company that started out with just Vodka sauce and has grown into a family Marinara Sauce, Vermouth Sauce, and Vegetarian Vodka Sauce! It is being sold nationwide and in many restaurants throughout the country. I am also the founder of Maria Rose Animal Shelter, the animals live in luxury, run free and we have many shops on the property where people can grab a coffee, a lunch, or fancy dinner and a portion of proceeds go to the keeping the shelter in operation! And one of the things I love most is that I have found a way to consume foods from Europe that are healthiest on the planet and we thrive with the best nourishment! I have always had a passion for music and today, I get to make music, I love to sing, play my guitar and it took half my life, to get confidence to sing in public, but I have done it and it is so much fun!! When I first heard you on American Idol, I was determined, that I need to fulfill this part of my purpose, and I am so glad I followed my dream! Thanks for the inspiration Kelly!

I feel completely Free and I am the happiest Ive ever been and feel amazing to be able to help my family, others, animals, and create a life I can be proud of!!

Meet Maria Rose McNamara

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  • Maria, What a FABULOUS Press release, this goes so well with your DMP, Really felt the magic here.

  • Thank you for sharing your Press Release and your ideal life, Maria! You described it with so much emotions and details so I could see the happy animals at your shelter.

  • Maria nice “the only thing I had to worry about was which beach I would take the girls to each day.”

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