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The cold air and crystal blue sky along with the gleaming white snow made the perfect setting for Christmas morning at the Scales Home. The whole family is at a beautiful home nestled against a small frozen lake for the holidays and the house is full of conversations and laughter. The smell of organic dark roasted coffee and grass-fed bacon fills the kitchen. Janet Scales is sitting with her son and daughter-in-law, Scott & Erin Scales; she is excited as the conversation is being recorded by her 3 grandchildren, Natalie, Patrick, and Benjamin.

I am so excited to share another Christmas with you and Erin; thank you for the gift you are giving me with this candid conversation. I watched the two of you struggle for the first 20 years of your marriage, raising your three amazing children. Scott, you struggled with so many different businesses and Erin you kept your nose to the grindstone in your corporate job for 23 years just to get by… what changed?

Erin looked at Scott and smiled. Why don’t you start… it is still so amazing to me how fast things changed for us and where we are now.

“Mom, I am so pleased you are here with the rest of the family and recording our conversation so it can be shared with the kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and all of the generations of the Scales family that have yet to be born as well as anyone else who reads this story.” Scott started. “So; it all started back in 2013. You know how much I love fitness and I was into that workout program P90X; remember I got amazing results… totally ripped and in the best shape of my life up to that time. Well, it started with that program.”

“Wait a minute, you’re telling me it all started with a workout program” she asked.

Scott leaned back in his chair and and just smiled for a minute. “Yes, but not in the way you are thinking. It was not this program directly, but the correlation it had to a guy I stumbled onto while trying to find my way to success in the network marketing industry. This guy called himself the World’s Laziest Networker… he had this northern, kinda Italian accent and I was intrigued to say the least. He had this program called Go90Grow and it was supposed to help me become a better networker; I watched some of his pre-sales videos and he made the correlation of his program Go90Grow to P90x. I remember thinking OK, I have had amazing fitness success with P90X so if I use Go90Grow I should get amazing business success too. Now, I have to tell you the skills I learned in the course were amazing and are what allowed me create the life we are enjoying and to easily build my team of 1000 resellers all over the world, but that was not the key for me, it was just door to something much bigger.”

I got another cup of hot coffee, looked at the steam coming off the cup and looked out at the beautiful mountains through the breakfast room window, “please continue… what was the Bigger picture?”

Scott sat quietly, took Erin’s hand and looked me in the eye with his face taking a more serious tone. ” The bigger picture started when I began my first mastermind with Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill… it was an added bonus to the Go90Grow course. As you know, I have always been a fan of personal development, but this course was different, it wasn’t all about quick phrases and short fixes to make you feel good. This mastermind was about developing a burning desire to create the life you want. I learned all about a DMP, and personal pivotal needs.”

“Sorry, could you take a moment and expand on those terms, I am not familiar with those at all?” I asked.

“Yes, I will be happy to. I was not familiar with these concepts until this course either… A DMP stands for Definite Major Purpose in other words what is my primary desire in life and the personal pivotal needs support that DMP. I found my personal pivotal needs to be Liberty (being able to do the things I want to do) and true health. I spent several weeks defining my DMP and personal pivotal needs. The next step was learning to sit quietly, calm my mind and create my ideal life in my mind or shall we say present it to my subconscious mind. This simple process started me down the road to the life Erin & I enjoy now, but it was only the beginning.”

“You see, once I mastered the first step, I wanted to learn more; I had a new thirst for creating my ideal life… a hunger for living my on purpose and in 2014 I had the opportunity to expand my understanding of principles that would open my mind, spirit, and body to a whole new realm of possibilities. I was blessed with a scholarship to a program called Master Key Mastermind Alliance or MKMMA for short. This program expanded what I learned from Think and Grow rich and took it much deeper. I was introduced to The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel who actually influences Hill’s writing of Think & Grow Rich, and I also had the pleasure of immersing myself in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I attribute all of my success, not just my financial success to the principles I learned and applied from these 2 simple books. I learned to quiet my mind and focus on the world within, that I could create my perfect life in my mind, focus on that vision while adding emotion and feeling to the vision and that my subconscious mind would create a way for that vision to become a physical reality… It’s something we should teach our kids when they are very young and I have been blessed to share these principles with Natalie, Patrick, and Benjamin. I am humbled as their Dad to see the beautiful lives they are creating on purpose.”

“BUT” Scott sat straight up and leaned across the table with a huge smile and said with a very emphatic tone, there is one principle above all others that has made me who I am today and has allowed me to enjoy this fabulous life and it is the most important of all principles I want to share with everyone and that is the law of giving. Before I started working with MKMMA, everything was all about me, all about the things I would have, the cars I would drive, the house I would live in, the money in my pocket. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy all the financial success…

I enjoy traveling the country in our luxury motorhome, taking in all the majestic sites in this country.

I find driving my Audio R8 Spyder Exhilarating.

Erin loves her LandRover… Erin nods with emphatic agreement.

We have traveled all over the world for Erin to enjoy running international marathons… flying first class and staying in 5 star resorts.

I have built a very successful business in marketing and assisted hundreds of businesses in increases their profits.

I have over 50 million dollars in a trust and I know Erin and the kids are set for life.

I create wealth with ease and enjoy perfect health.”

“I have created my perfect life… all because I learned to give first. The concept has been around since the beginning of time, but it became so real for me during the MKMMA course. I started with giving little things like blessings, hugs and prayers, then it expanded to money to our favorite charities, and expanded to starting out own charity providing safe facilities for underprivileged children to experience the joy of athletics. THERE IS NO doubt about it… my success all started when I gave first and expected nothing in return… oh the real joy in life… to give with an open heart. ”

“I am blessed to be a blessing.”

Scott finished on that statement, and we all gathered around the table for a family meal like no other before.

I enjoyed our conversation today and I look forward to sharing it with anyone looking for their bliss” she said ” My son is blessed and a blessing to many!”

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  • Great job Scott. You have described the MKE beautifully, and laid out your ideal life perfectly.

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