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Press Release!
Monika Greczek is a woman who has gone out and achieved her goals and continues to. She had started to envision the life she wanted to create since she was a young girl. Through all the books, coaching, classes, education, work, and intentions, she has followed her dreams. She started doing hair at the age of 14, won 1st place in the manikin competition at the Cosmetology school she attended, then went onto achieving all her goals and graduating top of her class. She received her Cosmetology License at 16 years of age and also was promoted at the salon to assistant manager.

Doing hair came naturally to her. Her clients loved the way they looked and felt after receiving services from Monika, even now her clients love that they always feel better after their visit with her. She listens to herself and her clients and always does what is best. There are people from all over that come to see Monika and receive that magic though she has through doing hair, massage, body work, coaching and engaging with them. She has become a fabulous hair artist, mentor, and coach.

She runs a World-renowned Holistic Spa, where she has had the pleasure to travel to different parts of the world, Bali, Figi, Thailand, Italy, France, Poland, Varansi, India, Grindavik, Iceland, Healing Forests Of Japan, Belize, Cape Town, South Africa, Mount Shasta, California, The Dead Sea, Austria, bringing her experience back and sharing it with everyone around her. It is a gorgeous place to come to and receive treatments, services, shop, eat, relax, and more. The peaceful serenity as you drive up and see the beautiful Zen landscape with succulents, plants, flowers, rocks and fountains. You feel like you are in one of these amazing places that she has visited and brought it right back with her to share the beautiful experience with others.

Monika is invited to speak all over the world and share the knowledge she has developed since she has owned her salon since she was 21 years of age and has continued to grow into this World-renowned Holistic Spa. She started learning about essential oils after she graduated Massage Therapy School and started sharing the benefits of massages and oils with her hair clients. They learned how to take better care of themselves and then she knows she wanted it to grow into something more. It became her passion to learn more things about the body and mind, how to help people that didn’t know how to start helping themselves. It was her passion, enthusiasm, spirit, and determination to create a place a life that feels joyful, full of spirit, energy, and enthusiasm each and every day.

She sees the blessings that have been bestowed on her through all the things she has shared with everyone around her. Her family is grateful for everything she has taught them and shared with them to become a wonderful family unit. It is truly a gift to enjoy the wonderful things that are a part of her life and all the things that keep flowing into her life.

She has had the honor to speak and teach at Hay House’ Heal Your Life Workshop, be interviewed by Deepak Chopra, meet Shamans from all over the world who actually come and do retreats at her spa. Famous people also come to her to connect with themselves and receive the exquisite treatments the spa has to offer.

Her family was a delight to meet and be around, they shared food, stories, and all the phenomenal things they have discovered through Monika’s sharing. They are definitely a part of her legacy and she is grateful that they are living their lives to the fullest.

Monika enjoys starting her day with prayer, mediation, and reading. Then setting her intentions for the day and going out and manifesting those intentions.

Monika truly loves what she is doing. I see the happiness, love, enthusiasm in her and she welcomes everyone as if she knew them all her life.

I interviewed Monika in her Log Cabin home; this place is breathtaking. I understand why she loves spending time with her son and husband here. It is an oasis of tranquility, peace, and love. I felt it as soon as I walked in. Monika is living the life she always dreamed of, a life that was filled with peace, love, joy, passion, creativity, spirituality, and prosperity. She is living the life that she has manifested and dreamed of.

Meet Monika Greczek

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  • Great Press Release Monika, I felt like I was right there with the Interviewer experiencing your SPA and your Log Cabin. Reminds me of the old commercial “Calgon take me away”.

  • “how to help people that didn’t know how to start helping themselves”, thank you, Monika.

  • Your spa sounds so beautiful, Monika! I can feel the peace and your big heart for service to others.

  • What a wonderful place you have described! I can truly envision it easily with the atmosphere and the energies. Good job with your press release!

  • Monica, thank you for the peaceful and blissful moment. Reading your accomplishments and taking in the vision has sparked curiosity and I may have added your Holistic Spa to my bucket list. Cheers!!

  • Thank you for sharing of your passion! Very powerful. Looking forward to visiting your holistic spa!

  • Monika, Monika, Monika. After reading what you’ve written, I find it difficult to separate what you have already accomplished from what the future holds. Well done! 🙂

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